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The ANU Wellbeing and Support Line is a phone service for all current students who are experiencing situational stress, emotional difficulties and mental health concerns. The service can also be used to provide debriefing support and assistance for student leaders. The ANU Wellbeing and Support Line works with ANU Counselling and is operational 24 hours a day.



1300 050 327



0488 884 170

ANU Counselling promotes, supports and enhances mental health and wellbeing within the ANU community.

We are a free, confidential and non-diagnostic service available to all currently enrolled ANU students located in Australia. Students currently located overseas are encouraged to make contact, we can advise about alternative support options. No referral or Mental Health Treatment Plan from a General Practitioner is required to register and attend appointments.

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How to book an appointment

Eligibility requirements

  • Currently enrolled ANU students, who are located in Australia, are eligible for ANU Counselling.
  • If you are not located in Australia, or are currently travelling overseas, you must utilise services available to you in your current location.

If you have questions about the ANU Counselling service, please contact us at

New Clients

If you are new to our service, or have not accessed our service in the last 12 months, please complete our online registration form.

If you need to speak to someone while awaiting your appointment, you can contact the ANU Wellbeing and Support Line on 1300 050 327 or text 0488 884 170, available 24/7. You can also visit the Urgent support webpage for other support services available.

If you have any difficulties completing the form, or have not heard from our services after five working days from when you submitted the registration form, please contact our Administration team on 02 6125 2211 and select option 1.

Existing Clients

If you are returning to our service, or have had an appointment with us in the past, please complete our online registration form

Third-party referrals

If you are a third party (such as a GP, family member, friend, or other), and would like to refer someone to our service, please complete our online referral form and our team will review your request.

Accessibility: please notify our staff at the time of booking if you have particular access, mobility, communication, or other needs. Our service has access to the national Translation and Interpretation Service if needed, but bookings for this typically need to be arranged by our centre in advance to coincide with your appointment time.

More helpful resources:

ANU Counselling has a range of helpful resources in addition to our counselling services. These include;

ANU Counselling offers trauma counselling for students that have experienced sexual assault and/or sexual harassment during their time at university. Please inform the counsellor this is what you are seeking and your counsellor will discuss internal and external treatment options for you.

Opening Hours:

Our regular opening hours are Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm

We are closed on weekends and on public holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy where you meet with a professional to work through problems that may be affecting your life. Our counselling model focusses on achieving specific emotional or practical goals, and working with you to find solutions to what's happening for you. We take a strength based approach, holistic approach. This means we see you as a whole person, and an individual with your own strengths, resources and ways to cope. Counselling aims to build on or strengthen what is currently working for you and understands you are the expert in your own life.

People come to counselling with different concerns about their life, study, work, coping or relationships. Your concern does not have to be related to your studies to access ANU Counselling, and you do not need to have a mental health care plan or a mental health diagnosis.

ANU Counselling is a non-diagnostic service. This means that we do not label or diagnose mental health disorders. We work with your particular concern and help you develop a plan or strategies to manage this concern. If you would like to receive a diagnosis, please speak with your GP.

What can I expect from counselling?

Your first counselling session will involve a detailed discussion about your concerns and working with the counsellor to help make sense of what is happening. Together, you and your counsellor will develop a plan to assist in managing this concern. Sometimes you may only need one counselling session, other times you may require multiple sessions. Counselling is a process, and its benefits often occur over time.

All counselling appointments will be booked for 50 minutes.

ANU Counsellors draw from a range of different, evidence-based interventions that have been used across diverse cultures. If you have a specific form of therapy you want to access, please speak with your counsellor at your appointment, and they can help you find the right person or service.

Sometimes, we may not be the best service for you, and we may discuss other services outside of ANU and help you to engage with them.

Am I eligible for ANU Counselling?

ANU Counselling is available to all students enrolled and studying in the current semester at the ANU. Students must also be located within Australia at the time of their booked appointment. Students overseas are encouraged to contact our reception staff so we can advise on alternative support options.

What is the difference between ANU Counselling and the Student Safety and Wellbeing Team?

Case Managers from the Student Safety and Wellbeing Team can provide short-term, practical support to students experiencing issues that can impact their university experience and academic engagement. They can also help students navigate ANU and community systems to link them in with ongoing support as needed.

ANU Counselling provides therapeutic counselling to ANU students. This involves problem solving and building your skills to assist in overcoming or managing challenges.

Each service is an individual service, and therefore your information is not automatically shared between the teams. If you want your counsellor and case manager to share information, you will need to provide consent. Providing this consent will enable us to work collaboratively, and limit the number of times you need to share your story. On rare occasions where we are concerned about your safety, information may need to be shared without your consent.

What is the difference between ANU Counselling and ANU Psychology Clinic?

Both the ANU Psychology Clinic and ANU Counselling  provide counselling (one on one therapy) as well as group programs.

ANU Counselling are staffed by soical workers and psychologists who all have a minimum of five years' experience. We are a free, non-diagnostic service available only to currently enrolled ANU students who are based in Australia.

The ANU Psychology Clinic is staffed by provisional psychologists and clinical psychologists, the provisional psychologists on their team are overseen by the clinical psychologists whilst they work at the clinic. There is a cost involved with the ANU Psychology Clinic and it is open to the public. The ANU Psychology Clinic can also provide assessment for emotional and behavioural problems.

How can I book an appointment?

After completing the registration form, you will be contacted (phone or ANU email) by our Administration team to organise an appointment with the Service you have requested with. If you are unsure what service you need, don’t worry both Counselling and Student Safety and Wellbeing can organise a referral to the right service if required.

If you need to speak to someone while awaiting your appointment, you can contact the ANU Wellbeing and Support Line on 1300 050 327 or text 0488 884 170, available 24/7. You can also visit the Urgent support webpage for other support services available.

If you have any difficulties completing the form, or have not heard from our services after five working days from when you submitted the registration form, please contact our Administration team on 02 6125 2211 and select option 1.

How often would you see me?

At your first appointment with your counsellor, you will discuss an individual plan to help manage your current concerns. Some people come for only one counselling session, others may require multiple sessions or ongoing support. On average, students who access ongoing support are seen once every 4-5 weeks. Depending on student demand, we may be unable to see students more frequently than this due to the number of students needing to access our service. If you would like more frequent support, please discuss this with your counsellor who can suggest alternative services that may better meet your needs.

Why is the wait for an appointment so long?

We understand that contacting our service and then waiting for an appointment can be stressful. Students new to our service are often seen within a month. This is much quicker than other services within the wider Canberra or Australian community.

Unlike some other mental health services, we do not close our referrals or have a wait list. This means all students can book an appointment, regardless of how many other students are accessing the service.

If you require more urgent support, please talk to our team about other options that may be available for you to access. If it is an emergency, please contact 000.

If you need to speak with someone immediately, please see our contacts and community services page for other resources that might be available for you.

Counselling busy periods and longer wait times.

As a general rule, wait times for appointments tend to be the longest around the examination period(s).

We tend to have more frequent availability at the beginning of semesters and during the Summer and Winter breaks.

If you know you might need support around exam time, we recommend booking ahead of time to give you the best opportunity of getting an appointment at a suitable time.

I need help before my next appointment.

If you need help before your next appointment, please complete this form or contact reception to discuss your current needs. Sometimes we may be able to arrange an earlier appointment with your regular, or another counsellor. Other times, there are other supports available within the ANU or the wider community that may be able to help you before your next appointment. Sometimes our team may be able to address your worry over the phone.

Why can't I book an appointment online?

Speaking with a person will ensure you are getting to the right service, person and have access to the quickest appointment available. Therefore, we are unable to have an online booking system.

We know that sometimes contacting services, particularly a counselling service, can be worrisome. If you have concerns please call us, send us an email, or come to our reception.

Are counselling appointments recorded on my academic record?

In most cases, only the Counselling Team will know that you have booked an appointment.

Everything you say in your session will be kept private and confidential between you and the Counselling service. There are some exceptions to this - if we are worried about your safety, or someone else's safety, we may need to let someone else know of the situation to ensure everyone has the appropriate support outside of your session. 

Brief notes are recorded by your counsellor about what was covered in your session to help them remember what was discussed and what the plan was. Only ANU Counsellors have access to this information. Academic staff are not privy to this information.

In rare occasions, there may be a legal requirement to release your notes to a relevant authority.

If you have concerns about your information and privacy, please speak with your counsellor.

More information can be found in our Privacy Policy here.

Who are the ANU Counsellors?

The counsellors of ANU Counselling are psychologists and social workers.

If would you like to learn more, the Our Counsellors page has detailed information about each of our counsellors. 

Do I need to see the same counsellor each time?

Each counsellor has their own individual style, and may be trained in different therapeutic models. If you feel the counsellor you have seen is not the right fit for you, and you feel comfortable raising this with your counsellor, they might be able to help you find the right person or service who can meet your needs.

If you do not feel comfortable raising this with your counsellor, please contact reception and ask to be booked in with another counsellor. Please note there may be a longer wait between your appointments if you are switching counsellors.

Can you write me a support letter?

ANU Counselling is available to all students currently studying at the ANU and who are in Australia, with the purpose to provide practical and therapeutic support and assist you in overcoming challenges and staying well. At times, if we have had contact with a student during distressing periods, we may be able to provide supporting documentation if relevant to the issues they were seeking counselling support for, and if we have knowledge of your ongoing circumstances.

An ANU Counsellor may not be able to provide you with supporting documentation at your first appointment. However, you are still welcome to come and discuss your situation if you want support in coping with or overcoming your current circumstances.

If you have not had contact with ANU Counselling around the time you are seeking documentation for, you may wish to speak with your GP or other support staff in the university or at your residential hall.

We cannot provide supporting documentation for medical issues, only issues that require input from a mental health practitioner.

Can I see a private psychologist at the same time?

Yes, you are still able to access ANU Counselling, even if you have additional support from other services. 

However, seeing one person consistently helps you to have clear goals and a plan to overcome your challenges. It also reduces the number of times you need to re-tell your story. At times, we may ask for your permission to contact other services involved in your care, to make sure we are all working effectively together.

Will I get an appointment reminder sent to me?

Yes, at your first appointment you will receive an SMS that states: 

Your appointment is confirmed for tomorrow/next Monday, please contact 02 6125 2211 or to cancel or reschedule. Please ensure you have completed Counselling and SSWT Consent, Service Agreement and Information Form. 

If you would like to receive ongoing reminders, please let your counsellor know.

How does ANU Counselling work with other services within the ANU?

Together, you and your counsellor will develop a plan that will help to manage your current concerns.

At times, this may include you making contact with other services within the University, or having your counsellor contact other services on your behalf. Before a counsellor can reach out to another service, you need to provide us with your permission to do so.

Some services that we regularly refer students to are:

Can ANU Counselling provide me with advice on academic issues?

Our area of expertise lies within student wellbeing and mental health. Our counsellors may be able to refer you to other parts of the University that can provide you with specific advice around your degree, or academic program, such as your Academic College, or the Dean of Students.

You can refer to the Key Student Contacts webpage for a list of contacts, and further information.

I need ongoing adjustments to support my learning due to mental health concerns.

The Accessibility team supports students within the ANU community whose participation in academic studies is impacted by physical and learning disabilities, mental health conditions, chronic medical conditions, and short-term illnesses/conditions.

As ANU Counselling is a non-diagnostic service, we are unable to complete the Health Practitioners Report for your Accessibility application. Please speak with your counsellor or the Accessibility team if you are having difficulty finding someone to complete the report. 

Where will my appointment be held?

Appointments can be booked for either in person, or on Zoom. 

If your appointment will be in person, we are located on Level 3 of the Health and Wellbeing Building, Building 156 Joplin Lane, Kambri. 

If your appointment is booked for a Zoom session, you will be sent a link at the time of your booked appointment. If you have not received a link within 10 - 15 minutes of your appointment, please contact the reception team. 

To be eligible for Zoom appointments, you need to be located within Australia. If you are not located in Australia, or are currently travelling overseas, you must utilise services available to you in your current location.

Can I engage with ANU Counselling annoymously?

You may request to be anonymous or to use a pseudonym. If it is impracticable for ANU Counselling to work with you using a pseudonym, or where it is required or authorised by law to deal with identified individuals, we will not be able to use a pseudonym. In most cases it will not be possible for you to be anonymous when using the service.

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