Dean of Students

Staff in the Dean of Students Office extend a warm welcome to all ANU students.

We want your ANU experience to be challenging, rewarding, and problem-free. But if issues do arise, or you feel confused about some aspect of University procedures or policy, don't suffer in silence!

We offer confidential, impartial advice and can help to resolve problems by acting as a neutral intermediary between students and the academic or administrative areas of the University.

The University's commitment to excellence includes a commitment to integrity in all activities and respect in all relationships. Acts of discrimination, harassment or bullying by staff or students are the antithesis of the University's values. Any student who experiences or witnesses such behaviours is encouraged to seek confidential support and advice from the Dean's office.

For further information, please see the University's policy on the Prevention of discrimination, harassment and bullying.

We can ensure that student concerns are communicated to important deliberative and decision making University committees. Even if you feel there is nothing to be done about an issue you've confronted, or you have only indirect awareness of a problem facing students, it's still worth making us aware of the issues.


Appointments are usually available between 10am-12noon and 1.30-3.30pm Monday to Friday. Please contact us by email, phone or drop by to arrange a convenient time.


Please be aware that our office cannot be accessed from within Peter Baume Building 42a.

From the building's main entrance on University Avenue, turn left into a small courtyard and our office entry is on the right.

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