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Help students facing hardship. Give now to provide security and stability to students

Many of our students are struggling with the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic and are having to make difficult choices between continuing to study and addressing basic needs. We want to help our students continue their education by supporting their urgent financial needs.

Together, our ANU alumni, friends and donors have helped raise more than $180,000 for students facing unexpected hardship. Thank you to our generous ANU community.

To date, $152,000 have been distributed to support students. ANU continues to disburse funds across our student community to those in greatest need.

A university education improves lives. It leads to better employment, better health outcomes and higher lifetime earnings. It can lift students, their families and their communities out of hardship, and be a driver of personal, social and national change. A university education is life changing, but so is unexpected hardship. Giving our students immediate relief now means this point in time, does not derail the future of our talented students.

Your support will give immediate relief, ease financial stress and allow students to continue their studies. Give our talented students the opportunity to keep learning and be the leaders of tomorrow.

Our students are currently facing genuine and unexpected financial hardship. Your support can help them afford rent, food, internet connectivity to continue learning and pursue their dream”

Utsav Gupta, President, ANU postgraduate and research students’ association

By supporting students through difficult situations, you are empowering them to succeed in their study and careers.

Talent is everywhere; opportunity is not. Support students and change lives.


Student Urgent Relief Fund: Message from the Vice-Chancellor

65.1 per cent of 18- to 24-year-olds are feeling anxious or worried about COVID-19

ANU School of Research & Methods


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