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Support Australia's students

Talent is everywhere; opportunity is not.

Create opportunity. Be the change for our students.

By supporting scholarships at ANU, you will help students with immense potential, regardless of their background. You will help students to focus on their studies and university experience, and relieve the need to juggle paid work and study. You will also ensure that the students at our national university are as diverse as our nation.

Scholarships also reward and foster talent by supporting high academic achievers, students with unique ambitions and those looking to specialise in a particular field.

Make a positive difference by supporting scholarships that directly benefit students. Inspire the next generation of leaders and change makers, and give to scholarships today.



Scholarships have a profound impact on rural and regional students

For many rural and regional students, studying at ANU can be especially challenging. The cost of moving to a new city without usual support networks can be prohibitive to either enrolling at ANU in the first place or keeping up with studies once here.

Graduates Mikayla, Bridget and Justelle talk about the difference that having a scholarship made to their time at ANU.

From Monday 13 May, 30 students will be calling you and other alumni to check in, catch up on campus news and raise money for The ANU Fund, which supports current and future students of the University. Meet our 2019 Support Australia's Students Appeal student callers!

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