Group programs and workshops


Current enrolled students at ANU are eligible to register for the below programs and registration is via the links listed. All our programs are free. Locations for the programs are detailed in each registration link - please note, not all locations are the same.

Self-Coaching: a 3 week support group assisting each other to meet our goals.

This program will provide information and tools to assist you in setting goals that matter to you and staying on track to achieve them. There will be opportunities to get to know each other, and we hope the group will be a supportive environment that assists with accountability and encouragement to reach your goals.

Presented by Michelle Linmore

On Zoom

Mon 20 Sept 1pm-2pm
Mon 27 Sept 1pm-2pm
Mon 11 Oct 1pm-2pm.

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Managing Procrastination and Enhancing Motivation

This group will focus on why people procrastinate or struggle with low motivation. It will provide practical strategies for coping with difficult feelings and improving self-regulation, managing excuses, increasing motivation, supporting neuroplasticity (and hence learning), reducing screen time and avoiding willpower depletion.

Please note this group has changed to be 1 session only on a new date

Presented by Liz Durbock

On Zoom

Fri 1 Oct 10.30am-11.30am.

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The Worry Response

Worry can often increase our anxiety and distress.
This seminar will explore how to manage daily worries more effectively.

Presented by Carol Beynon

On Zoom

Thu 23 Sep 12pm-1pm

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The Healthy Mind Platter

Did you know that there are seven mental activities identified for optimal mental health in daily life? Come along to discover what helps improve our wellbeing, strengthens our brain's connections, and improves our connection with other people through the "Health Mind Platter". This group will also offer an opportunity to think about what might be helpful to have on your own "Platter". 

Presented by Brooke Rowlands

New Date: Monday 27 Sept 11am-12pm

On Zoom

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Everyday Mindfulness

This 4 week course will introduce you to mindfulness and some practices that can be used to help reduce the impacts of stress. Mindfulness means to deliberately pay attention to whatever you are doing, right now, with an open and non-judgmental attitude. With regular mindful practice you will become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, behavior and physiological changes. This allows more choice over how you respond to situations including those that cause stress. Wear comfortable warm clothing for the mindfulness practices. Please check your calendars to ensure you are available for all sessions. There are limited numbers available for this group so please register early.

Presented by Amanda Morrison

Note this program has changed to be on Zoom only.

Thu 30 Sep 10am-11am
Thu 7 Oct 10am-11am
Thu 14 Oct 10am-11am
Thu 21 Oct 10am-11am

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Get Up & Go

Want regular exercise, social contact and to contribute to ANU? Get Up & Go is a peer-support exercise program. You will be linked to a walking partner. For more information and to participate click here.

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