Get Up & Go walking program

Want Regular Exercise & Social Contact?


The registration of this program has been closed for 2023. 


Get Up & Go is a peer-support walking program for all ANU students. The program involves linking you up with another student who has also registered to be a walking partner. The two of you then arrange to go walking on a weekly basis. This provides opportunities for physical activity and social contact which can be a great way to manage your mental health and wellbeing.

Get Up & Go can help you get to know the ANU campus, meet new people and engage in regular exercise. It can also be a great opportunity to contribute to the ANU community by supporting other students.

Get Up & Go participants are undergraduate or postgraduate students who want to make a positive contribution to the ANU community. They are walking partners, not counsellors, so are not required to have specialist counselling skills.

Want to connect with others and contribute to the ANU student community? Take a positive step this semester by joining Get Up & Go!

Once you have registered online, the Get Up & Go admin assistant will contact you via email. They will pair you up with a walking partner and provide a phone or email contact for them.  It is then up to both of you to organize a mutually convenient time to begin walking together. If you have not heard from your walking partner within 10 days, please contact the admin assistant.

Together, you will negotiate the time, place and duration of walks. To get the most out of the program, we recommend that you walk for an hour a week during the semester. We also encourage students to walk on weekdays, during daylight hours, on or around the ANU campus.

The program admin assistant will also contact you towards the end of the semester to get feedback about your Get Up and Go experience.

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