Talking Tips

ANU Counselling is committed to ongoing development of resources to support students in engagement with their studies and general wellbeing. Over the coming months we will be developing our PDF resources into short audio clips - Talking Tips.  Click on the link below to hear one of our Counsellors provide more information; full transcripts are available in the Resources list on the right hand side of this page. All links will direct to an external website (soundcloud).

Talking Tips

Welcome to the Counselling Centre

How to Maintain a Healthy Balance in Life

Adjusting To Life At ANU For International Students

Improve Your Sleep

Overcoming Procrastination

Managing Anxiety part 1

Managing Anxiety part 2

Managing Anxiety Part 3

Managing Exam Anxiety

Managing Panic

Feeling Blue - Recognising Depression And Getting Help


Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Autogenics Relaxation

We also offer an Introduction to Mindfulness audio course as well as practices you can use to further develop your mindfulness skills.

Check back soon for more Talking Tips!

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