Student Safety and Wellbeing

hands shaking with lock symbol and call to action to lodge disclosure If you are aware of sexual misconduct that has either happened to you directly, happened to someone else or that you have witnessed, receive support by lodging a disclosure.

The Student Safety and Wellbeing team offers free and confidential* support for students who have been impacted by sexual assault or sexual harassment (directly or indirectly) as well as a range of other concerns that may impact on a student's engagement and experience while at ANU, including:  

  • Mental health  
  • Financial concerns  
  • Relationship issues  
  • Conflict management   
  • Transitioning into university  
  • Isolation and loneliness  
  • Navigating ANU  

The service's Case Managers have backgrounds in health, social work, counselling and human services. Case Managers work from a person-centred and trauma informed clinical framework and aim to provide coordinated support, information and referrals for students.  

To connect with a Case Manager email, phone 6125 2211 or visit the Health and Wellbeing Centre Level 3 Building 156 Joplin Lane, Kambri Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and ask to speak to a Case Manager in the Student Safety and Wellbeing team. 

To submit a sexual assault or sexual harassment disclosure or find out more information about our sexual assault and sexual harassment response visit  Health, safety & wellbeing - ANU 

* Please note there are legal limits to confidentiality.  These limits will be outlined to you by a Case Manager. 

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Student Safety and Wellbeing 
Phone +61 2 6125 2211
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