Notification of results

Coursework results will be released by the Registrar, following approval of the Delegated Authority in the relevant Academic College (for dates relating to specific semesters, please see Principal dates on the right hand side of the page).

You should not communicate with a course examiner about an examination you have undertaken in the period between sitting the examination and the formal release of results (communication about other matters, such as other assessable work for which grades have been released, is allowable).

Grade Notification: 

Results are released each semester on the dates outlined in the University Calendar. Students are notified of their semester results in the following ways for Semester 1 and Semester 2 courses: 
  • SMS (from 10.00am AEST/AEDT) where a mobile number is recorded on ISIS 
  • Email (from 3.00pm AEST/AEDT) to the student's ANU student email address
  • ISIS (from 3.00pm AEST/AEDT) via the pathway: 

NavBar (compass icon) > Menu > ISIS > Academic Records > Academic History or Statement of Results 

Results will not be released over the telephone nor will they be published on any noticeboard.

Results for non-standard sessions 

Results for non-standard sessions such as Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring Sessions, will be released on ad hoc basis, following the approval of the relevant Delegated Authority. 
Students can access non-standard session results on ISIS via the pathway:
NavBar (compass icon) > Menu > ISIS > Academic Records > Academic History or Statement of Results 

Assessment Appeals 

If you are dissatisfied with a grade that you have received, you can apply for an assessment appeal. To find out more about the assessment appeals process, please visit this page. 

Obtaining printed copies of results

You can print a copy of your Statement of Results on ISIS via the pathway: 
NavBar (compass icon) > Menu > ISIS > Academic Records > Statement of Results 
If you require an official, certified document with your results you will need to request an academic transcript

Academic Progress/Completion Rate Information

All ANU students within an undergraduate or postgraduate academic career are required to maintain satisfactory academic progression; this means you must meet the minimum academic performance requirements as established by the University within the Academic Progress Rule. 

Beyond ANU's progression requirements, the Federal Government identifies a 'low completion rate' as when you have a fail rate of more than 50 per cent of the courses of study you have attempted, after you have attempted eight or more courses of study in a bachelor leveel or higher program (or four or more courses in a higher education program lower than a bachelor program). A low completion rate can affect your access to a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) and/or FEE-HELP. 

More information regarding expected academic performance for coursework students can be found on this webpage. More information on low completion rates is available here

Mental health and wellbeing support services

If you are feeling anxious or need some extra support, there are a range of services available to you. To find out more, please visit the Health, safety and wellbeing webpage


Grade Release Day: Frequently Asked Questions

What do my grades mean?

The Grading Scale webpage provides further information on the meanings of the grades, marks and results that you will see in your grade result notification.

How do I view my results on ISIS?

You can view your grades on ISIS via the pathway: 

NavBar (compass icon) > Menu > ISIS > Academic Records > Academic History or Statement of Results

I can't see my grades on ISIS, what do I do? 

Grades are viewable in ISIS from 3.00pm AEST/AEDT on grade release day. If you cannot view them after this time, your grades may not yet be finalised or they may be withheld due to administrative reasons.
Have you paid your fees or need to verify your identity? Please carefully read the advice within your ISIS homepage.

The ISIS website is also likely experiencing a high level of traffic from students like you eager to see their results! Please wait a short while before attempting to log in again.

Why do I have an interim grade? 

If you've received a Supplementary Assessment (PX) or Deferred Assessment (DA) grade, you will be offered another chance to complete this examination.

Your Academic College will set the timing of Supplementary and Deferred Examinations at their discretion. 

I didn't get the grades that I wanted. What are my options?

Assessment Appeal:

  • To find out about the assessment appeals process, please visit the Assessment Appeals page.
  • There are also a range of services that you can use to appeal your results and/or improve for next semester. To start, contact ANUSA (for undergraduates and postgraduates).
  • You can also contact Academic Skills (AS) and the Academic College in charge of the course/s in question.
Students are encouraged to seek support whenever needed. 
Please visit the Health, Safety & Wellbeing webpage for available support services.

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