Purchase an academic transcript

Your Academic Transcript is a complete, official record of your enrolment at ANU. It lists each of the courses you have taken, the grades you have received, your grade point average and program status.

Your academic transcript can be used as evidence of achievement for employment purposes or applications for further education. A sample of an academic transcript can be found at this link.


As Student Central is working remotely, our hard copy document services will be unavailable until we return to campus. This means that you will not be able to obtain any hard copy documents from Student Central such as an Academic Transcript, AHEGS or enrolment confirmation letters.

However, you can still order an electronic academic transcript using the 'request a transcript' button on your ISIS homepage, or:

  • Click the NavBar (compass icon) then Navigator > ISIS > Personal Details > Academic Records > Request a Transcript

You'll then get an email with instructions for accessing and sharing your electronic transcript on My eQuals through your ANU email account, and can share directly with third parties (e.g. employers or other institutions) via My eQuals. This is considered an official, certified copy of your Academic Transcript.

 If you're unable to access ISIS, My eQuals or have any other questions about confirming your academic record please get in touch with Student Central.