Alumni email for life

Alumni email for life is available to all graduates of ANU and provides a lifelong email address.

With an ANU Alumni email account you can check your email from wherever you are in Australia or around the world by logging in to Outlook web access.

How to access

Graduated from December 2014 onwards

You will have automatic access to your alumni email account and you will be able to login with the same details you used to access  your student email account. If you can't remember the details you can please log a ticket through the Service Desk community support request form or phone (+61 2 6125 4321 and follow the prompts).

If you currently have an operating ANU student email account, the contents of that account will automatically migrate to your new alumni email account ( 

Graduated prior to December 2014

If you graduated prior to December 2014 you are able to activate your alumni email account by completing this form. Please include your name, date of birth, year of graduation and student ID number (if known).

Changing email address format

Your alumni email account will have a default address in the following format - If you would prefer to utilise the following format - - please select the appropriate option within the form.

Note that any subscriptions or accounts using your old email address will need to be changed, as well as informing those in your address book.

If you are a current ANU staff member you will retain the firstname.lastname alias when creating your alumni email account.



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