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Current enrolled students at ANU are eligible to register for the below programs and registration is via the links listed. All our programs are free. Locations for the programs are detailed in each registration link - please note, not all locations are the same.


Living Well With Others

Whether you are living in a residence, a group house or with family, there will likely be times when you and the people you live with have some challenging inter-personal interactions.

Come along to this 90 min interactive workshop to reflect on how to improve your relationships with housemates and gain practical tools to help make home life more relaxed.

Presented by Michelle Linmore

1 session, Friday 31 July, 12.30-2pm

 Registrations closed


Understanding Depression

We all feel sad or low from time to time. These feelings are particularly understandable, and a normal response, to the significant events we've experienced this year.  However sometimes we can experience these feelings more intensely and over a longer period of time. 

Given the very challenging start to this year, this workshop will assist students in understanding more about depression, signs and symptoms, treatment options, where to get help, and staying well.

Presented by Brooke Rowlands

1 session, Monday 17 August, 2pm-3pm

Registrations closed


Everyday Mindfulness

This 4 week course will introduce you to the concepts behind mindfulness and some practices that can be used to help reduce the impacts of stress.

Mindfulness means to deliberately pay attention to whatever you are doing, right now, with an open and non-judgemental attitude. With regular mindful practice you will become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and physiological changes. This allows more choice over how you respond to situations including those that cause stress.
Wear comfortable warm clothing and note shoes may be removed.

A commitment to all four sessions is required. Please check your calendars to ensure you are available for all sessions. There are limited numbers available for this group so please register early.

Presented by Amanda Morrison

4 sessions Wednesdays (12 August, 19 August, 26 August, 2 September) 11am - 12pm

Registrations closed


Enhancing Personal Performance for HDR students

This three session experiential group workshop aims to assist post-graduate students to enhance their performance with less stress, less strain and less effort. The workshop will give participants the opportunity to try a range of psychologically based strategies, techniques and processes used by elite performers in Music, Sport and Theatre Arts. Strategies, techniques and processes in the program will enable participants to:
1.    Clarify and let go of attitudes related to poor performance
2.    Develop an individual starting and maintaining focus procedure
3.    Utilise a personal relaxation and performance rehearsal technique
4.    Better understand their own resistance to performing at a higher level
5.    Create an individually balanced approach to academic and other life activities with less stress and less guilt.

Presented by  Mark Gleeson

3 sessions
 (6 August
, 13 August
, 20 August) 12pm -1.30pm

Registrations closed


Working Well with Perfectionism

Perfectionism - the setting of high personal standards for performance - can be a helpful and adaptive trait that pushes us to strive for excellence in many areas of life. This is particularly true within the academic context, where these efforts are often encouraged and rewarded.  For some people, however, perfectionism can become unhelpful leading to impossibly high personal standards, intense focus on perceived shortcomings or mistakes, excessive time spent on negative self-evaluation and criticism, increased anxiety and distress, decreased concentration and procrastination. Both sides of perfectionism will be explored with a focus on strategies to reduce unhelpful perfectionism. 

Presented byJenn Gagnon

2 sessions, Tuesdays (18 August, 25 August) 2pm-3pm

Registrations closed


Achieving Your Goals

These two interactive workshops will explore how to set goals that inspire you and that you can achieve.  We will explore strategies for making your goals happen and you will get a chance to talk with other students about how to overcome common barriers that can get in the way.

There will an opportunity to set a goal in week 1 and reflect on your progress in week 2, using the group process to assist with accountability.

Presented by Michelle Linmore

2 sessions, Tuesdays (22 September, 29 September) 12.30-2pm 

Registrations closed


Stress and Anxiety Group

This course will focus on approaches that will help assist with physical, thinking and patterns of behaviour related to stress and anxiety to provide helpful daily management skills. This will provide understanding and experiences in using a range of strategies to reduce the impact through approaches such as mindfulness, ways of thinking, strong beliefs underlying and managing challenging situations. 

You are registering to attend all 4 sessions.

Presented by Libby O'Neill

4 sessions, Thursdays (24 September, 1 October, 8 October, 15 October) 2pm-3pm

Registrations closed

Get Up & Go

Want regular exercise, social contact and to contribute to ANU? Get Up & Go is a peer-support exercise program. You will be linked to a walking partner. For more information and to participate click here.


Mindfulness Community of Practice - for ANU Staff and Students

Come along to a facilitated mindfulness practice. The group runs on a drop-in basis and is open to all staff and students with an interest in mindfulness. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a cushion to sit or lean on.  For information and to subscribe go to Mindfulness@ANU. This group assumes some prior understanding of and/or experience in the practice of mindfulness.

Note - Mindfulness is currently being run Tuesdays 11:30-12:00 via zoom. Please see this page for more information and the zoom link to join. 

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