Frequently asked questions

Do I need to apply to graduate?

Most students do not need to apply to graduate but some do. See applications section for more information.

When will I receive my invitation?

You can expect to receive your invitation via email to your ANU student email account in May (for July ceremonies) or October (for December ceremonies).

When will I know if I am approved to graduate?

Students who are being considered for graduation will have their graduation status updated in ISIS after the semester results are released. See eligibility to graduate for more information.

Under what circumstances will I not be able to graduate?

If you have late results, outstanding fees or other money owing to the University you will not be able to graduate until the matters are finalised. See eligibility to graduate section for more information.

What do I do if my eligibility status is 'not eligible to graduate'?

Eligibility for graduation is based on many factors. See eligibility to graduate for more information.

Do I have to respond to my graduation invitation if I am not attending a ceremony?

Yes. If you do not respond to your invitation, your award will not be conferred and you will not receive your academic documents. You can respond to graduate in absentia and your documents will be sent to you. See preparing to graduate for more information.

Can I have my award conferred now and attend a ceremony later?

This is possible in some circumstances. Students who choose to graduate in absentia may be eligible to attend a ceremony in the following round of ceremonies (approximately six months later).

Interested students must submit a Previously Graduated Student: Ceremony Attendance Application form. Please ensure you read all information on the form to confirm you are eligible.

I don't want to graduate this semester/until I finish my Honours - what do I do?

You may defer your graduation for up to 12 months. See invitations for more information.

How much does it cost to graduate?

There is no charge to attend the ceremony for either the graduand or guests. However, there is a fee for hire of academic dress. Academic dress is mandatory for graduands to wear to their graduation ceremony.

How do I find out my ceremony date and time?

See your invitation or graduation day for details.

How do I arrange extra guest invitations?

Additional guest invitations may be available but are not guaranteed. See guest invitations for more information.

Where do I pick up my guest invitations?

Guest invitations for your Conferring of Awards ceremony must be collected as outlined on the Graduation Checklist in the week of the ceremonies. See guest invitations for more information.

How do I order my academic dress?

Academic dress is hired (or purchased) from the ANU vendor for all Graduation ceremonies, Reed Graduation Services. Please see preparing to graduate page.

How do I wear my academic dress?

Staff will be available at Llewellyn Hall to assist with wearing your academic dress if hired or purchased through Reed Gradaution Services. Instructions on how to wear academic dress.

If I graduate in absentia, when will I receive my testamur (certificate)?

Students graduating in absentia will have their testamur posted to them within 6 weeks from the date of the graduation ceremonies (by end August for July ceremonies, by end January for December). Please ensure your postal address is up to date on ISIS.

Digital documents via My eQuals will be available within 2 weeks of the ceremony.

Students can also arrange to collect their testamur from the Graduations Office by emailing requesting to collect, or providing the details of a person who will collect on their behalf. The first day for collection is 16 August 2019. 

How do I obtain a transcript of my results?

Graduating students will be able to obtain a digital copy of their Academic Transcript via My eQuals.

See academic transcripts for information on purchasing hard copies.

I have lost my testamur (certificate). How do I get another copy?

You may apply for a replacement if the original is lost, damaged or destroyed. See testamur for more information.

How long will I be able to use email/ISIS/library and other services after I graduate?

Access to most ANU services will cease after your graduation. You can request for some access to continue. See after graduation for more information.