Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement

The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) is a Commonwealth initiative introduced to help make Australian qualifications recognised and understood throughout the world.

The AHEGS describes higher education qualifications in an easily understood way. It describes the award, the awarding institution and the Australian higher education system, providing potential employers and other institutions with a greater explanation of the achievements of the graduate.

By explaining Australian awards to domestic and international audiences, the AHEGS enhances opportunities and mobility for Australian graduates. The template for ANU AHEGS is based on nationally agreed specifications approved by the Australian Government.

You will be granted access to a digital copy of your AHEGS shortly after graduation. A sample AHEGS document can be found at this link.

Purchasing a physical copy of your AHEGS 

Please note, AHEGS are only available for students who have completed the requirements for an award and had the award conferred in 2009 or later.

You can purchase a copy of your AHEGS by completing an Application for graduation statement. Completed applications should be emailed to

All applications sent must be accompanied by a colour copy of official identification (scan or photo of a driver's licence or passport).

Your AHEGS will be issued in accordance with instructions indicated by you on the form. Your AHEGS will be made available within seven days of receiving your order. Postage times can vary dependent on your choice of postage and address.