Eligibility to graduate

The University will assess your graduation eligibility based on the following criteria:

  • that you have satisfied the academic requirements of your award/s, or will satisfy the academic requirements when results are released in the current semester/session; and
  • that you have settled all obligations with ANU (fees, fines, Unique Student Identifier etc.).

If you intend to make any changes to your enrolment (for example, drop a course) after census date, you should contact your ANU College beforehand to check if it will affect your eligibility to graduate.

Results for non-standard sessions (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring) may not be available in time for the upcoming conferrals. For example, an Autumn session course may not publish results by the deadline to graduate in July, and a Spring session course may not publish results by the deadline to graduate in December.

Transfer to Masters: Postgraduate students completing a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma should seek academic advice before graduating.

Transferring to a Masters is a straightforward application with no fee and credit can be requested at the same time. Conferring a lower award may affect credit applied to the new academic program. Please seek academic advice from your College prior to conferral if you intend to continue study.

Potential graduands

In the first stage of eligibility assessment, you will be notified via your ISIS Message Board if you have been identified as a potential graduand. If you do not have this message, and believe you are eligible to graduate, you should contact your ANU College immediately.

Assessments of eligibility to graduate will occur throughout April and May for the July graduation session, and throughout August and September for the December graduation session.

Preliminary eligibility to graduate

Following College assessment of all potential graduands, your graduation status will be viewable via your ISIS account.

Your graduation status will be one of the following:


You have met all of the requirements for your award/s.

Conditionally approved

Your eligibility to graduate depends on the successful completion of courses in the current semester/session. 

If you are assessed as 'conditionally approved' and the conditions are not met (such as failing a course, supplementary or deferred assessment required, or a delay in receiving results), or you have outstanding obligations to the University, then your graduation status will change to 'not eligible'.

Not eligible

You have not met eligibility requirements by the end of the current session/session.

If you are 'not eligible' to graduate due to late or unresolved grades, you will not be eligible to graduate in the current session. Please note, if you are appealing a fail result, you will not be permitted to graduate unless the appeal can be resolved at least five days prior to the commencement of the July or December graduation session.

Published materials, such as program booklets, are finalised shortly after results are released. Changes to your eligibility status, level of award or personal details after the publication of results will not be reflected in these publications.

Invitation to graduate

If you have been 'approved' or 'conditionally approved' (pending your final semester/session results) to graduate in the upcoming July or December graduation session, you will receive an invitation to confer your award via your ANU email account.

***You must respond to your invitation via ISIS. It is vital that you respond to your invitation.

NOTE: the conferral of your award/s will not occur if you do not respond to your invitation to graduate***

Students who have previously deferred their graduation, and all HDR students, will not see a message in ISIS, but will receive an email invitation.

If you dispute your graduation status, please contact your ANU College immediately.

Final eligibility to graduate

Within 72 hours of the formal release of results for the current semester, your final graduation status will be viewable in ISIS.

Please refer to notification of results for more information, and result release dates.

Your graduation status will be one of the following:


You have met the requirements for your award/s. Congratulations! Please note, you are not a graduate of the University until the day/time award/s are conferred.

Not eligible

You have not met the requirements for your awards/s, and will not graduate in the current graduation session.

If you dispute your final graduation status, please contact your ANU College immediately.


**Please note that conferral of an ANU award is a matter of public record. This information will be available through Graduate Search, in accordance with the Privacy Policy

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