Privacy advice for events management

The Australian National University hosts a wide variety of public events each year, such as conferences, public lectures and performances. These events are vital to the University and our community, creating engagement opportunities and communicating our scholarly activities with a wide audience.

In order to hold your event, you may need to take bookings; communicate with participants and presenters; record the event; or repurpose the content, including questions from participants. You may also decide to make the recording of the event available online or use it for other purposes.

Dealing with privacy is an important part of the events management process. This guide explains how to effectively manage privacy as part of your event. It covers events (in person and online) that are organised for public participation, for academic audiences (such as conferences) and for education (such as visiting lectures).

If your event is not a public event you may find it useful to follow this guide to advise participants and presenters that the event will be recorded. Information provided to the participants should include the authentication that will be required to enable access to the recording (for example whether they are required to use the ANU authentication system).