Obtaining permission to use contact information from participants for other purposes

Your privacy notice will cover the way in which you will handle personal information of particpants to faciliate their attendance at the event.

You may also wish to offer those who are booking to attend your event the opportunity to be on mailing lists for future events or newsletters. This will help them keep in touch with the work and activities of your area in the University.

If you wish to do this, you will need permission from the individuals for the use of their personal information for that purpose.

In your booking system (e.g. Eventbrite), you should ask the individual to give permission for you to use the personal information for specific purposes such as:

Would you like to like to be notified of future events held by XXX?
O Yes
O No

Would you like to like to be on our mailing list?
O Yes
O No

           Please find the University's Privacy Policy here.

It is important for you to be clear on the uses that you wish to obtain permission for from the individuals. It is not appropriate to ask for use for any purpose. For individuals to give informed consent they need to be aware of the use that you are proposing to make of the information.

You need to ensure that individuals are able to ask for a report of their personal information; can request and have the information corrected or deleted; and that it is stored and used consistent with the University's Privacy Policy and the Privacy Act 1988.

It is important to ensure that systems storing personal information are cyber secure. Most will require a Privacy Impact Assessment.

Your mailing lists for newsletters and events should only include: personal information for which you have consent; publicly available information; or, if sending to staff or students, relates to the primary purpose for which the university holds the information (such as academic progress).