Using Copyright Material at Your Event

You or your presenters may wish to use copyright material created by other people, such as images, music or film, as part of your event. In some cases, this material may be incidental (e.g. background music) or it may be a key part of the event (e.g. on presentation slides or video shown at the event).

If an insubstantial amount of a work is shown, that may be included in the recording. If a substantial amount is used rights should be cleared, noting the Creative Commons material; material published by the University; and a range of other material do not require permission. The Educational licence (under clause 113 of the Copyright Act 1968) for textual material is limited to use of material in courses and does not cover public lectures. The Music licence which comes into effect in late 2020 will cover public events.

Guidance is available on the ANU Copyright webpage.

For more information contact the ANU Copyright Officer