Training and resources

Privacy Awareness module

All ANU staff and students can access a free, self-paced online course on ANU Privacy Awareness Training available in Pulse. The module will provide you with an overview awareness of your obligations as a staff member or student leader of ANU.

All staff are strongly encouraged to complete the ANU Privacy Awareness Training, and it is recommended for any staff who handle personal information.

Particpants will learn:

  • the meaning of privacy and why is it important to ANU
  • the meaning of 'personal information'
  • the scope of privacy laws at ANU
  • what the privacy principles say and how they apply in practice.

The module can be revisited as often as required, for refresher training or clarification.

Other support

Additional privacy training and support is available for your local area needs, including:

  • privacy presentations
  • tailored training sessions, addressing areas of concern or uncertainty
  • assistance with reviewing privacy practices in new or existing business processes  
  • privacy advice and assessments for projects or events
  • individual discussions.

To access these, please contact the ANU Privacy Officer by email at

Online resources

In addition to providing one-to-one advice, we continue to build our online, self-service guidance, based on trends and business priorities.

Staff may request membership to the Privacy SharePoint site, which will provide access to additional resources and news items.

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