Access to ANU CCTV footage


To provide information about handling requests for CCTV footage from locations on the ANU Acton Campus, including student residences, consistent with the ANU Privacy Policy.


CCTV footage: images and/or sound captured on the ANU closed circuit television network.

Delegate: The person for the time being nominated by the Vice-Chancellor or authorised by way of the University's delegations system to make decisions on the release of CCTV footage.


  1. Access to, and release of, University CCTV footage must not be inconsistent with the ANU Privacy Policy and relevant legislation.

Receiving requests for CCTV footage

  1. All requests to view or obtain copies of ANU CCTV footage should be referred to ANU Security, at For urgent requests, please call security on (02) 6125 2249.
  2. Requests for CCTV footage should include the following information:
    • What locations CCTV footage is required from;
    • The date and time range for the footage;
    • The legal basis of the request;
    • The contact information of the requestor; and
    • How footage should be supplied to the requestor.Assessing requests for CCTV footage

Assessing requests for CCTV footage

  1. The Director, Facilities and Services, or their delegate, will assess the request to determine:
    • If the requested footage is available;
    • If the requestor has provided appropriate documentation;
    • If the request involves CCTV belonging to third parties; and
    • If there is an appropriate legal basis to release the footage. 
  2. The Director, Facilities and Services, or their delegate, will notify the ANU Privacy Officer of requests for CCTV footage. The ANU Privacy Officer will advise on any privacy matters arising from the request.
  3. Where the legal basis of the request is unclear and/or privacy concerns arise, the Director, Facilities and Services, or their delegate, will refer the request to the University Legal Office, for legal advice.
  4. Where the request involves CCTV outside of the ANU network (e.g. footage from commercial spaces, or managed student residences), the Director, Facilities and Services, or their delegate, will liaise with the third party, to facilitate the request.
  5. Where the request has come from a law enforcement body, the Director, Facilities and Services, or their delegate, will provide a summary brief of the request and the actions taken, to: 
    • University Legal Office;
    • Chief Operating Officer;
    • Director, ANU Communications and Engagement; and
    • Any other appropriate stakeholders.

Releasing CCTV footage

  1. After following the above steps, if the delegate is satisfied it is reasonable in the circumstances to release the footage and the footage is available, the footage will be released on approval by the Director, Facilities and Services. NB: CCTV footage is stored for 28 days.
  2. All requests for CCTV footage must be endorsed by the ANU Privacy Officer, prior to release.

Records and notification of requests for CCTV footage

  1. ANU security will maintain a register of all active and closed requests for CCTV footage.
  2. A publicly accessible register of CCTV footage released will be published on the ANU website.
  3. It may be necessary in some circumstances to notify some people individually that they are reasonably identifiable in footage that will be or has been released. All such notifications will be coordinated by ANU Communications and Engagement (ACE).