Enrol for the first time as a coursework student

New students must complete enrolment before the second teaching week in the semester or by the last day to enrol in the course in a non-standard session.

Before you start

  • Note, these programs have different enrolment instructions:
    • ANU Express, Medical School, and Military Law students will be emailed alternative enrolment instructions.
    • Graduate Studies Select students will follow the alternative enrolment instructions located on the GSS website.
    • Crawford School students should attend the Crawford induction session to enrol.
  • If you are a domestic student you should ensure that you have a tax file number in order to complete your request for Commonwealth Assistance.
  • If you are an international student on a 'non-student visa' you must supply a copy of your visa to policy.regs@anu.edu.au once you arrive.

After you've enrolled

  • Your course fees will be invoiced in ISIS during the first two weeks of the semester or session. A notification will be sent to your ANU student email once your invoice has been made available
  • Although a timetable snapshot will appear in ISIS as soon as your enrol, you have to go to the Timetabling website for more detailed class information.
  • Your course guide will appear in WATTLE shortly before your course commences.
  • In your first lectures you will be given information regarding tutorial sign-up.

Step 1
Choose courses

Use the Programs & Courses search to find your degree.

Program pages include 'more information for first year students' as a link in the summary box. You'll notice that:

  • some courses are compulsory and are pre-filled in the Study options table
  • some courses are electives, allowing you to choose from course options within your field of study.

Head back to the search page to browse the range of courses, majors, minors and specialisations that meet your program requirements.

You need to note the course title, course code and class number of your choices in order to select them when you get to step two.


Resources to help

Step 2
Enrol in ISIS

Once you have identified the compulsory and elective courses you want to enrol in login to the Interactive Student Information System (ISIS).

You need to complete the Task Wizard in ISIS before progressing to enrolment.

Then go to Main Menu (compass in top-right hand corner) > Navigation > ISIS > Enrolment > Enrolment in the main menu to follow the steps in the How to enrol guide to add your courses.

Resources to help

Step 3
Get your student card

Once your enrolment is complete you can collect or order your student card. You will need to present photo ID to Student Central in order to obtain your student card.

Please note, all students are required to hold an ANU student card for identification and examination requirements.

Advice to help

Student cards