Program leave - domestic coursework student

Domestic coursework students who have had effective enrolment in at least one course in their current program at ANU are not required to request program leave from their studies. If you have not had effective enrolment in a minimum of one course, you may be able to apply to defer your offer (refer to Advisory Information).

You are considered as being on program leave if you do not enrol, or drop all enrolled courses before the census date for that enrolment session. While on leave you will retain full access to ANU IT services including ANU email, ISIS, Alliance and Library services.

You will remain active in your program for two years without course enrolment. Failure to re-enrol after this period will result in you being discontinued from your program.  If this happens and you wish to re-enrol at ANU at a later date, you will need to re-apply for admission.

Step 1
Advisor appointment

Some programs may have specific enrolment and completion rules. It is advised that you discuss and confirm any leave restrictions with your ANU Academic College before going on program leave.

All students enrolled in MBBS or MChD program must seek the Dean's approval for taking program leave. Students should refer to the Medical School's program leave guidelines and discuss with your Year Coordinator in the first instance.

All students enrolled in a plus one Honours plan must formally apply for program leave (this does not apply for embedded Honours). The application can be completed using the Manage My Degree eForm, via ISIS.

Step 2
Drop courses

You will need to log in to ISIS and drop all of your courses before the census date of the semester/session/trimester you intend to take program leave from.

Advice to help

Swapping or dropping a course

Step 3
Re-enrol after leave

To return from leave you must re-enrol in your program using ISIS by the appropriate deadline.

Advice to help


Principal dates


Recommended date to re-enrol in courses for the academic year


Semester 1 census date


Recommended date for continuing students to enrol in Semester 2 courses


Semester 2 census date

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