Current and continuing coursework and non-award students must re-enrol themselves for each academic year by the appropriate deadline. Failure to meet the deadlines may have financial and academic consequences. Renrolment can be done through ISIS.

If you are intending to enrol in non-standard sessions (summer, autumn, winter or spring), you will need to enrol by the specific 'last day to enrol' date for each course. This date is available on the relevant course entry on the Programs & Courses website.

If you are an international student and do not re-enrol, or apply for a leave of absence from your program, you will lose your place in your program. If you have lost your place in your program, and you wish to continue studying at ANU, you will need to re-apply to the University.

If you are a non-award student, you can re-enrol yourself as long as it is within the approved period of study. If it is outside of the approved period of study you will need to re-apply to the ANU to study again.