Benefits & services

Benefits of being part of the alumni community include career and professional development, email for life and digital academic transcripts, access to library resources, and opportunities to volunteer. We’ll also keep you up-to-date on alumni news and send you event invitations and alumni-only offers.

Academic transcripts (Digitary) »

Your Academic Transcript is a complete, official record of your enrolment at ANU.

ANU Alumni Awards »

The ANU Alumni Awards recognise alumni and students who have achieved extraordinary success in their fields or made outstanding contributions in Australia or internationally.

Career advice & professional development »

Whether your interests are in future study, building a career, travel or re-connecting with fellow alumni, the ANU Alumni Program offers plenty of benefits for you.

Email for Life »

Alumni Email for Life is available to all graduates of The Australian National University and provides a lifelong email address in the form of

Give back »

Everyone has something of value to contribute - time, talent or treasure - if not this year, then perhaps at some point in the future. There are many ways to give.

Library »

The Library offers alumni a discounted annual membership that entitles you to borrow 15 items at a time as well as access to select online resources.

Stay connected »

ANU is proud of its alumni community and encourages you to remain in touch and share your achievements with us in the coming years.