Student cards

What does my student card do?

Your ANU student card is your official form of identification as a student at ANU. It gives you access to a range of services on campus like borrowing rights for ANU libraries, access to printers, copiers and computer labs and access to examination venues. Your card may also give you access to student discounts at participating locations (e.g. public transport, movie theatres).

Conditions of use:

  • Your card must be presented to ANU staff including ANU Unisafe officers upon request.
  • Your card remains property of ANU. You're expected to keep it in good condition and return it to ANU if requested.
  • Your card is not transferrable and only the person named on the card is permitted to use it. 
  • You may only have one student card at a time. 

Step 1
Enrol in courses

Before you can collect a student card, you must:

  • Enrol in courses
  • Action any outstanding tasks on your ISIS account (e.g. Task Wizard, Commonwealth Assistance Forms, no overdue fees)

Visit the Enrolment landing page for instructions or get in touch with us via the Student Central homepage if you need a hand getting your enrolment sorted out

Step 2
Collect your card in person:

Once your enrolment and ISIS account are up to date, you can collect your card from Student Central. We'll take your photo and print the card for you on the spot, no appointment or application needed. 

Location: Student Central Annexure (Shop 14, Building 154, Kambri)

Opening hours: see the Student Central homepage

What to bring: government-issued photo identification (e.g. driver's license, passport) so that we can verify your identity


Step 3
Frequently Asked Questions

- My student card has expired, how do I extend it? 

Bring your expired student card to the Student Central Annexure to have your card expiry extended by 1 year. You must bring your expired card with you. 

If you don't have your expired card anymore, you'll need to purchase a replacement card. 

- Do I have to pay for my student card? 

You do not need to pay a replacement fee if you are requesting:

  • your first student card as a new student
  • replacement of a damaged student card*
  • extension of an expired student card *

A replacement fee of $30 will be charged if your student card is lost or stolen**. This fee will need to be paid before a new card will be issued.

You can pay this fee on ISIS via the pathway: 

  • NavBar (compass icon) > Menu > ISIS > Account Details > Miscellaneous Purchases
    • click on the magnifying glass for the Semester/Session box and select the Summer Session term
    • click on the magnifying glass for 'Select Miscellaneous Purchases' and select SCR (Student Card Replacement)

* The replacement fee will be charged if you do not bring your damaged or expired card with you.
** The replacement fee will be waived upon presentation of a police report documenting the theft.

- What name will my student card show?

Your preferred name will be used on your student card. You can update your preferred name yourself on ISIS via the pathway:

  • NavBar (compass icon) > Menu > ISIS > Personal Details > Personal Information

Please visit the Change or correct your name webpage for detailed instructions on updating your preferred name or official university record.  

- What if I am studying remotely in Australia and need a card posted to me?

If you are studying remotely within Australia and need your student card posted, please email with proof of your current address to request a manual application form. 

To provide proof of your enrolment and studies at ANU before you receive a card, you can download a Program or Enrolment Confirmation Letter on your ISIS account.

If you pre-ordered a student card using the Student Card eForm (now closed) and elected to have it posted, you will receive a notification to your ANU student email account when your card has been printed and posted. For an update on the status of your application please call or email Student Central.

The Student Card eForm application method has now closed.  

- What if I am studying remotely overseas? 

We are not currently providing student cards to students who are studying outside Australia. 

If you need to provide proof of your enrolment and studies at ANU, you can download a Program or Enrolment Confirmation Letter on your ISIS account.

- Can I still access on-campus buildings even though my student card has expired?

If your card has expired you will not have access to on-campus buildings. 

To request to have your card expiry extended:

  1. Check you are enrolled in courses (or research for HDR students) via your ISIS homepage; and
  2. Visit the Student Central Annexure to have your card expiry extended by 1 year. You must bring your expired card with you.

- How can I verify my identity as an ANU student without a student card?

To verify your identity without a student card, you may be able to use a Program or Enrolment Confirmation Letter from your ISIS account and other photo ID (e.g. passport or driver's license).