Student cards

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Some information on this page has been amended due to operational changes made in light of COVID-19

The following amendments have been made to this page (last updated 7 April 2020):

  • Service operating hours: All Student Central services will be delivered remotely until further notice. 
  • Service processes and procedures: Student Card printing will only be available in a limited capacity. 


ANU announced on the 25th of March that ANU campus will be closed, at least until 27 June 2020. This means that all Student Central services will now be operating remotely. 

While we continue to be your first point of contact for anything relating to student administration, advice and support services, there will be several services that Student Central can only provide at a limited capacity including the printing of ANU Student Cards. 

ORIENTATION WEEK SEMESTER 2, 2020: Information about how to get your student card for Semester 2, 2020 will be published on this webpage shortly. If you have any questions, please contact Student Central. 

Student Cards for Canberra-based Students

Student Central is reintroducing their ANU Student Card service for Canberra-based students that require computer or library access for the remainder of Semester 1, 2020.
If you have not yet collected your card or need a replacement as yours has been lost or damaged, please complete the Student Card Application for Canberra-based Students (under 'Resources'). Student Central will arrange printing and advise when your card will be ready for collection from ANU Security in the Anthony Low Building.
Please note, if you have damaged or lost your ANU Student Card, a $30 replacement fee will apply (see below FAQs for more information). 


Frequently Asked Questions 


My ANU Student Card is lost, damaged or stolen. What do I do?

If your ANU Student Card is lost or damaged: You can purchase a replacement ANU Student Card ($30 replacement fee) by following the below steps:
  • Step 1: Log on to ISIS and select: NavBar (compass icon) > ISIS > Account Details > Miscellaneous Purchases
  • Step 2: When on this page, click the magnifying glass under 'Select Semester/Session' and click on '3020' (Semester 1, 2020).
  • Step 3: Next to 'Miscellaneous Purchase', click the magnifying glass followed by SCR (Student Card Replacement) > Add > Pay for Miscellaneous Purchase(s)
  • Step 4: Follow the prompts to make your payment. If successful, you will receive a confirmation message on the screen.

Note: If you are having issues with the payment portal, please use Google Chrome and have your browser cookies and pop-up windows enabled. For any further questions, contact Student Central.

If your ANU Student Card is stolen, the $30 replacement fee will be waived if you are able to provide a police report confirming theft. If you do not have a police report, the payment process outlined above will apply. 


My ANU Student Card expired at the end of March. What should I do?

Due to Student Central now working remotely, Student Card printing will be unavailable until we return to campus. If your ANU Student Card expired the 31st March, your access will be automatically renewed for one year, including access to online library services.
A sticker with the new expiry date will be mailed out to you within the next few weeks. You'll be able to place the sticker onto your card, extending your expiry date until 31 March 2021 (next year).

Please note: There has been a slight delay with the student card stickers. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please make sure you check your student email regularly as Student Central will be sending you an update once the stickers have been sent to you. 

You should have received an email about this. In the email we ask that you complete a quick online form to confirm that you've updated your mailing address on ISIS. We won't send out the sticker until you've filled out this form, so that we can make sure we're sending it to the right address.
Before you complete the form, please make sure that your mailing address on ISIS is up to date. You can check this on the ISIS 'Addresses' section:
  • Click the NavBar (compass icon) then Navigator > ISIS > Personal Details > Addresses
On this page check the address listed for mailing, and click 'update' if you need to change it. 
 In the meantime, the university has notified Transport Canberra that ANU Student Cards with an expiry date of 31 March 2020 will be extended by one year, so you should not experience difficulties using your card to get a student discount for public transport in Canberra.

My ANU Student Card isn't accepted by other external parties. What do I do?

If your card is not accepted by other external parties, we have posted a letter under 'Resources'  that you can download and bring with you. You can also print out an Enrolment confirmation letter from ISIS which proves that you are a current ANU student. You can access this letter on ISIS under the 'Letters' section:  
  • Click the NavBar (compass icon) then Navigator > ISIS > Academic Records > Letters
On this page choose 'enrolment confirmation letter' to download a copy. Make sure you've allowed pop-ups so the PDF downloads.