Finalising your Research Enrolment

Once a Higher Degree Research (HDR) Candidate has accepted an offer of admission into a research program, they can proceed to finalising their enrolment. HDR Candidates negotiate (with their Supervisor) and nominate a date to commence their program, within the commencement term stated in their offer of admission.  The sessions/terms are listed on the right hand side of this page.  HDR Candidates with a scholarship may be required to commence by an earlier date (check your scholarship offer letter).  If a HDR Candidate cannot begin their research program within the commencement term or by the required date, they will need to contact their research school to discuss deferring their program.

In order to complete the enrolment process, HDR Candidates need to follow the steps below.  HDR Candidates will not be able to commence their research program and/or scholarship until all documentation has been provided.

Step 1
Welcome Email & Required Enrolment Documentation

You will receive a welcome email once you accept your offer of admission.  The email includes your ANU ID number, and requests that you provide the following documentation to in order to finalise your research enrolment

  • Notification of Research Commencement

To prove citizenship and right to study:

  • Australian Citizens and New Zealand citizens send a colour scan of passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate.
  • Permanent residents send a colour copy of passport and visa grant notice.
  • Temporary residents holding a Postgraduate Research Sector visa (Subclass 500) send a colour copy of passport and visa grant notice.
  • Temporary residents holding another type of visa send a colour copy of passport and visa grant notice.

Notification of Research Commencement

HDR Candidates negotiate (with their Supervisor) and nominate a start date within the commencement term stated in their offer of admission, noting that Candidates with a scholarship maybe required to commence earlier.  Research candidature will start from this date.  Enrolment will be added prior to the nominated commencement date provided the personal documents above have been submitted.  Candidates are required to commence in the Semester or Quarter that they have received an offer of admission for.  The table below outlines the commencement period for each admission term.

Quarter One 1 January - 31 March
Semester One 1 January - 31 March
Quarter Two 1 April - 30 June
Semester Two 1 July - 31 August
Quarter Three 1 July - 30 September
Quarter Four 1 October - 31 December

HDR Candidate enrolment is prioritised by commencement date, and subject to pay period processing cut-off times, so please ensure you provide your enrolment documentation prior to your commencement date, or you may experience delays with your enrolment and scholarship commencement.

If you are providing your enrolment documentation ahead of time, your enrolment may not be processed until closer to your commencement date.  To follow up on your enrolment please email

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Step 2
Prior Research Studies

HDR Candidates with current or previous higher degree research studies (Doctor of Philosophy or Master of Philosophy) from another tertiary institution, who are enquiring about applying for research credit, should get in touch with their ANU College in the first instance.


Step 3
Bank Account/ Financial Distribution Details Form

HDR Candidates awarded a scholarship which pays a stipend, must provide details of an Australian bank account into which the scholarship can be paid.  Candidates need to complete and return the form below to

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Step 4
Obtaining a student card

Once the enrolment process is complete HDR Candidates can collect or order their ANU student card. Photo ID must be presented to Student Central in order to obtain a student card.

All HDR Candidates, including those online, are required to hold an ANU student card for identification, examination requirements, and to access University Library services.  Internal HDR Candidates will need to liaise with the HDR administrator in their School/College to arrange building access (if required) after obtaining a student card.

Step 5
Student system login

ISIS (Interactive Student Information System) is your online student hub. Here you manage your program, manage your milestones, update your personal details, and will be issued invoices to pay your fees after you commence. ISIS gives you immediate, at-your-fingertips access to your academic and administrative pathway.  You need to complete the Task Wizard in ISIS to progress to view your enrolment and program details.

If you are required to complete compulsory coursework units as part of your program, you will need to complete an enrolment change eForm. This can be found in Main Menu (compass in top-right hand corner of screen) > Navigation > ISIS > Degree Management > Manage my Degree.

You will need to click next to begin the process once you reach the landing page.

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Step 6
Paying fees and invoices

All HDR Candidates, including those holding a scholarship, will need to pay the Services and Amenities (SA) Fee.

You will receive an invoice for this fee and tuition fees (if applicable) in your ISIS account.  Ensure that you pay by the due date on the invoice to retain access to the University services and your online accounts.