Program leave - international coursework student

It is important that international students understand their obligations and restrictions when applying for program leave.

Students can only apply for program leave after having completed at least one course at The Australian National University. Applications for leave should be submitted before the commencement of the academic session and no later than the census date of the session concerned.

Students on leave retain full access to ANU IT services including ANU email, ISIS, Alliance and Library. 

Step 1
Advisor appointment

It is advisable to confirm any leave restrictions with an Academic Advisor at your ANU College before going on program leave.

All students enrolled in MBBS or MChD program must seek the Dean's approval for taking program leave. Students should refer to the Medical School's program leave guidelines and discuss with your Year Coordinator in the first instance.

Step 2
Submit application

International students can apply for program leave using the Manage My Degree eForm, via ISIS.

It is important that you provide independent supporting documentation to support your application. It is not sufficient to provide only a personal statement outlining your special circumstances, even if it is a statutory declaration or an affidavit.

Documentation must be in English.  Where the original documentation is not in English, an official translation must be provided.  Students should attach copies of the original documentation and the English translation of these documents.

Supporting documentation may include:

For medical reasons - a statement from a doctor including:

  • the date your medical condition began or changed;
  • how your condition affected your ability to study; and
  • when it became apparent that you could not continue with your studies.

Please Note: You should inform your doctor that the statement will be sent to ANU in support of your application.

For family/personal reasons - a statement from a doctor, counsellor or independent member of the community (e.g., a Justice of the Peace or a Minister of Religion) stating:

  • the date your personal circumstance began or changed;
  • how your circumstance affected your ability to study; and
  • when it became apparent you could not continue your studies.  

Students will be advised of the outcome of the application within 28 business days of the receipt of the application. If you have not had a response in this time, you should contact your ANU College.

Step 3
Re-enrol after leave

To return from leave you must re-enrol in your program using ISIS by the appropriate deadline and complete an Application for change to electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) (please see Resources) and send it to your academic College for approval and processing. 

International students on a student visa wanting to return from leave early are required to send an email to Student Central ( stating when they wish to return.