Permission Codes

What is a permission code? Do I need one?

A permission code is a special code issued to you by a course convenor to allow you to enrol in a course. Permission codes are not required for all courses but may be required if you do not meet the exact pre-requisites for a course but meet the pre-requisites in another way. If the course convenor agrees that you can satisfy these requirements, they may issue you a permission code to enrol. 

Some language courses also require a permission code if you are enrolling at a post-beginner level. You can take a placement test to determine your language level prior to enrolling. You can find more information on placement tests for Asian languages or for European languages on the relevant ANU webpages or by contacting the relevant academic College. 


What are course requisites or pre-requisites?

Some courses require prior learning before you can enrol. You can check these requirements by looking at the course on the Programs and Courses website. Please carefully read the statement under the 'Requisite and Incompatibility' section to confirm whether you meet the requisites/pre-requisites. If you do not meet the requisites exactly as listed, you may be able to speak to the relevant course convenor to obtain a permission code. If you meet the pre-requisite for the course exactly as listed, you should be able to enrol yourself via ISIS.