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Supporting ANU is an investment in Australia's future. Learn how donations have made a difference in the lives of gifted students and resulted in research that addresses global issues.

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07 Apr 2020

Empowering Indigenous students, by commemorating loved ones

Makayla Brinckley was relieved to be awarded the Joseph and Lindsay Croft Memorial Scholarship. "For Indigenous students like me, financial…

11 Mar 2020

At the leading edge of brain cancer research

Cancer is the number one cause of death in the developed world. Survival rates for many types of cancer have improved significantly over the last 20…

28 Nov 2019

Fuelling Stella's fire and passion for art

Stella Wadeson is studying a Bachelor of Design and a Bachelor of Art History and Curatorship at The Australian National University (ANU). She was in…

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23 Aug 2019

IHS medical students supported by ACT Health

Medical students at The Australian National University (ANU) have the unique opportunity to join an Indigenous Health Stream (IHS) and receive…

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20 Aug 2019

A supportive community

Soumi Gopalakrishnan is studying a Bachelor of Health Science, which is the first step towards her dream of studying Postgraduate Medicine. "I…

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20 Aug 2019

A future full of potential for Georgia

Georgia Conechado is in her first year of Engineering Research and Development studies, which she says has been both fun and challenging. "I really…

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15 Jul 2019

Eleanor enjoys hearing stories from alumni

Eleanor Armstrong is a third year ANU student studying a Bachelor of Philosophy with a Diploma in Languages: “I’m lucky enough to be a recipient of…

InspirePhone appeal
20 May 2019

2018 ANU Law Prizes Ceremony: Georgie Juszczyk

Georgie Juszczyk, Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of International Security Studies student, is the recipient of the Dean's Certificate for…

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07 May 2019

Bridging the gap through scholarships

Second year law and international relations student Isabel Gahan says that being a scholarship recipient has made her realise how important it is to…

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