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16 Nov 2020

The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP) is at the forefront of driving Australia's engagement and understanding of its neighbourhood.

You can support CAP by giving to one of these School funds, and help create a better tomorrow.

Choose how you want to make change

Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs Fund

The Bell School is one of the best in the world for research excellence and policy analysis in the political, societal, diplomatic, security and strategic dimensions of international and Asia Pacific affairs. Your support means we can continue contributing to national policy-making, advise government, teach the next leaders, and effect positive change.

Crawford School of Public Policy Fund

Staff and students at the Crawford School play an essential role in shaping public policy through research, education and policy engagement. With your support, they can continue contributing actively to the impact being made on the world's challenges surrounding such issues as water, food, energy, economic development, the environment, and governance.

School of Culture, History and Language Fund

The School of Culture, History and Language is a community of researchers dedicated to investigating and learning with and about the people, languages, and lands of Asia and the Pacific. You can support the school's innovative and influential teaching and research that embraces and relishes diversity as a core strength.

School of Regulation and Global Governance Fund (RegNet)

Work at RegNet responds to the complex and interconnected challenges of the 21st century - including climate change, conflict and injustice, disruptive technologies, economic inequalities and geopolitical contestation. Your support can help the school's unique commitment to pursuing a more just and equitable world.

Every donation supports these schools to create a better tomorrow for all of us. No matter the size of your gift, by taking part you are making change.

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