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Supporting ANU is an investment in Australia's future. Learn how donations have made a difference in the lives of gifted students and resulted in research that addresses global issues.

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16 May 2018

Ani Lee student mentor in refugee outreach program

Ani Asmara Lona Lee spent much of her childhood living in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Bangladesh, witnessing the impacts of poor governmental…

Student philanthropy
16 May 2018

Braedyn Edwards funded to attend World Indigenous Conference

Braedyn Edwards was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend the World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education (WIPCE) in Toronto as he was keen…

Scholarships & prizes
15 May 2018

Count The Ways - ANU College of Law

ANU College of Law alumni continue to have a positive impact on the ANU after graduating. The ways that our law alumni are making a difference is by…

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09 May 2018

The Love bequest

Emeritus Professor John Love arrived at the Institute of Advanced Studies at ANU in 1973 to research fibre optics, and retired as an Emeritus…

08 Mar 2018

Scholarship awarded on International Women's Day

Australian National University (ANU) Bachelor of Engineering student, Meh-Ara Taseer has been announced as the 2018 recipient of the ANU Natasha…

Scholarships & prizes
05 Jan 2018

Emily Rose Rees: Tackling big issues of the future

The 2017 Natasha Linard Scholarship recipient, Emily Rose Rees, chose to come to ANU as it was the only University that allowed her to do an…

Scholarships & prizes
13 Dec 2017

The Bhati Family: A philanthropic legacy

From a small historic city in Rajasthan to the vibrant cobbled streets of Cartagena, the Bhati family's philanthropic legacy has spanned generations…

Bhavita on the day of her graduation from ANU
09 Nov 2017

Honouring the legacy of Bhavita Patel

Bhavita Patel was an alumna of the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE) and a treasured Deloitte employee. After Bhavita died in 2017, her…

15 Sep 2017

2017 Phone Appeal student callers

The 40-strong membership of the student calling program at ANU reflects our diverse and vibrant student population.

Phone appeal