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Supporting ANU is an investment in Australia's future. Learn how donations have made a difference in the lives of gifted students and resulted in research that addresses global issues.

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23 Aug 2021

Studying law to make an impact on society

As a teenager, Max Farinazzo witnessed first-hand how lawyers can assist with family challenges. He soon realised studying a…

16 Jun 2021

Baidam Solutions and Dvuln support Kambri Scholars

In 2021, ICT companies Baidam Solutions and Dvuln came together to support the Kambri Scholars Program. Their generosity will help Indigenous…

03 Jun 2021

Caring for Country is important to Dhani

I am a proud Wiradjuri woman, from the Kalari (Lachlan River) born and raised here in Canberra. When I was a young child, my parents instilled in me…

10 May 2021

Hunter's university dream is coming true

I am a proud Noongar man, born and raised in an outer suburb of Perth, WA. I wasn't sure if university was for me until, in Year 12, I read…

20 Apr 2021

ANU students are calling in May and June

Did you receive a call from an ANU student? Our students are calling alumni between 3 May and 30 June to see how you're going, and talk to you about…

15 Apr 2021

A message from the ANU Foundation

Thank you for your support and the trust you have put in ANU through your giving. We are committed to honouring this trust by ensuring your gift is…

14 Apr 2021

National university supported by our global community

Our ANU alumni are a true reflection of our University's values. From helping members of the ANU community affected by the pandemic, to supporting…

04 Apr 2021

Hanno builds a solid innings

Hanno Jacobs started playing cricket from an early age. "I was probably six years old, when my dad introduced me to a bat and a ball. Since then, I…

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30 Mar 2021

2020 Giving by numbers

Just one open-handed gesture from the donors and ANU had such a huge impact on my life during such a difficult time. An anonymous beneficiary