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Supporting ANU is an investment in Australia's future. Learn how donations have made a difference in the lives of gifted students and resulted in research that addresses global issues.

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13 Apr 2022

Thank you for making an extraordinary difference

For 75 years, The Australian National University (ANU) has helped address some of the most intractable challenges faced by society and fulfilled its…

12 Apr 2022

Paul Ramsay Foundation Supports ANU to End Disadvantage

Three ground-breaking ANU initiatives - including cybernetics, assessment of social systems, and transformative place-based programs - have each been…

12 Apr 2022

Providing a lifeline for Australia’s most ‘difficult’ birds

Difficult Bird Research Group donors are helping stop Australia's most endangered birds going the way of the dodo. In 2021, the Difficult Birds…

25 Mar 2022

Gerald Kristianson PhD is ‘paying it back’ and forward

In 1962, Dr Gerald Kristianson (Gerry) was made an offer he could not refuse and found himself in Canberra, undergoing a PhD fellowship at the ANU…

20 Dec 2021

Thank you for your support

It goes without saying that the last year has been filled with uncertainty. In the midst of this, you have continued to be right beside us every step…

15 Dec 2021

Giving to keep classical music alive

Christine Whitworth Roach had her first experience of classical music at age 10 when her parents, Sylvia and William Whitworth, took her to a…

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15 Dec 2021

A story and a legacy

Dr Myint Zan, a proud ANU Law alumnus based in Myanmar, has been giving generously to ANU since 2018 through the creation of student prizes and…

13 Dec 2021

Deeper engagement with Asia and the Pacific

East Asia Forum (EAF) is a platform for analysis and research on politics, economics, business, law, security, international relations and society -…

25 Oct 2021

Changing the game in climate action

Rebecca Blackburn believes living a simpler life not only makes us happier, but is also great for the environment. She is now ready to examine this…