A generous bequest allows a life’s work to continue

10 May 2022

The late Tonia Shand AM was propelled by an interest in international relations and public service, and a feeling that these were areas where she could perhaps contribute in some small way.

Tonia and her late husband Dr Richard (Ric) Shand had a deep connection to South Asia throughout their lives and impressive careers. Tonia served as Australia's first female high commissioner to Sri Lanka, amongst other high-profile diplomatic roles. Ric was a distinguished economist with expertise in applied economics in South Asia, and the founder of the Australian National University's (ANU) Australia South Asia Research Centre (ASARC).

To honour their individual achievements and shared connection with South Asia and ANU, in 2021 Tonia and Ric bequeathed more than $1,200,000 to ASARC. The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific has chosen to endow the bequest to ensure support for critical research into South Asian economies will continue far into the future.

Professor Paul Burke, Head of the Arndt-Corden Department of Economics says the endowment opens new opportunities to boost the research and study of South Asian economies at ANU. "The region's economies are fascinating and rapidly evolving, and a deep understanding of how these economies function is of fundamental importance to Australia. This bequest will enable us to do more to understand the economies of one of the most important regions of the world."

ASARC is honouring the Shand legacy by directing their bequest to support research, workshops, and scholarships that advance knowledge and understanding of the economies of South Asian countries.

This impact story is a feature in the 2021 Report to Donors

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