Connecting with the University community

29 Apr 2022

Each year, the ANU Call Room bursts to life with students from all over the University connecting with alumni and donors. Through these calls, stories are shared and genuine relationships formed. These students help unite alumni and donors with what they are most passionate about at the University; helping progress important research, creating scholarships, and supporting students.

Georgie Quinn and Joanna Lin are student callers who have stayed with the program throughout their studies, because they find it so rewarding.

"I thought it would be a nice way to get some extra money and get experience working at ANU but, after talking to donors and alumni, my love for the University has grown too," says Joanna, who worked as a student caller from 2018-21.

"When someone's telling you about how they got married in University House, or why they've been supporting a certain fund for years because they believe so strongly in it - it really gives a new perspective."

Student callers work in teams and receive training throughout the year. The training is designed to equip them to make calls, but also to ensure they can use their experience after they graduate. 

"I think a lot of people who sign up for a job like this do so because they're good talkers, but at the end of the day, it is really about being a good listener," says Georgie, who worked as a student caller from 2016-21.

"When I go into a job interview, this is often the job I end up talking about the most because there are so many skills I learnt through this that are invaluable."

In 2021, student callers connected with our alumni and donors, helping to raise $372,853. Calling will commence again in May 2022 and continue throughout the year.

This impact story is a feature in the 2021 Report to Donors

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