Education verification & authentication

We provide a graduate search tool that authenticates ANU alumni status for those who graduated from 1995 onwards.

If you need to verify the record of a student who has graduated from ANU prior to 1995 we ask that you accept their academic transcript or testamur as official proof of their studies with our University. If they have not provided you with an academic transcript, please request that they do so, and assess their application on the provision of this evidence.

If you need to verify the authenticity of a document provided to you please email us a scan of the document and a signed letter of consent from the alumnus, and we will be able to verify if the document was issued by ANU.

Please note that we will not complete any education verification requests where a transcript, testamur or graduation statement is not supplied.

Authentication service by DFAT

As of 1 July 2014, Australian University documents (either the original or a notarised true copy) can only be legalised by DFAT if they satisfy one of the processes of verification outlined below.

  • Original ANU awards containing signatures or seals obtained on or after 1995 can be authenticated or apostilled by DFAT directly on the original. There is no requirement to present them to Student Central to verify the content. The award obtained can be verified through graduate search as a matter of public record.
  • Photocopies of all ANU awards must be certified as a true copy by an Australian Notary Public. If it was obtained on or after 1995, the Notary Public can state in their certification that the award confers with the graduate search.
  • All other awards obtained before 1995 (including academic transcripts) must be verified by the ANU as a true and accurate record prior to DFAT issuing an Authentication or Apostille. You must submit your application to DFAT and complete a 'consent to verify form'. This process can take 2-3 days to complete. Please note that ANU will not write on an original testamur, if you need your testamur verified by ANU you will need to provide a notarised copy.

Academic transcripts

The Australian National University academic transcript adheres to the Tertiary Education & Quality Standards Agency security standards as outlined in the Higher Education Standards Framework (Thresholds Standard) 2011, Chapter 4, Section 2.

In particular, you will note the requirements for secure documentation in Chapter 4, Section 2.3.1, which outlines the necessity for documentation provided by a higher education provider to include:

  • the higher education provider
  • the graduate receiving the award
  • the award by its full title
  • the date of issue
  • the person/s authorised to issue the award
  • the authenticity of the documents in a form to reduce fraud such as the higher education provider's seal, corporate identifier and/or unique watermark.