Changing majors, minors & specialisations

Your program is made of units grouped together to form majors, minors and/or specialisations.

Each program has different requirements depending on your commencement year, which determine the majors, minors or specialisations you are required to complete to be awarded your degree/s. Depending on your program requirements, you may or may not need to identify a major, minor or specialisation for your degree.

You can check if you are required to complete any majors, minors and/or specialisations, and their rules, by searching the Programs & Courses website. If you require additional assistance choosing you major contact your Academic College.

Students are responsible for registering their majors, minors and specialisations themselves, before they are due to graduate.


Undergraduate students who wish to change their majors, minors and/or specialisations will need to do so through their ISIS account in the registration periods at the start of each semester. You will have two opportunities each year to make changes to your majors, minors and/or specialisations, up until your graduation.

  • Semester 1, 2021: 20 January - 31 March
  • Semester 2, 2021: 3 - 31 August

To change your major, minor and/or specialisation please use the following pathway from your ISIS homepage:

Navbar (small compass in top-right corner) > Navigator ISIS Degree Management Major, Minor & Specialisations

Please note that you are indicating your intention to complete these majors, minors or specialisations only. Your Academic College will assess your eligibility for the indicated majors, minors or specialisations from the units you have completed when you are preparing to graduate.

If you need to nominate any majors, minors and/or specialisations and have not, your ANU College will determine them for you based upon the courses you have completed when assessing your eligibility to graduate.

Postgraduate coursework

Postgraduate coursework students enrolled in a specialisation should talk to their program convenor if they wish to change specialisations.