6. After graduation

As an ANU graduate you are a member of a special community of past and present ANU scholars. There are a number of benefits and privileges available to you as an ANU alumnus.


It is important to retain records of the documentation you received as a student, as well as your documents received during and after your ceremony. Graduands are required to save any official documents on their ISIS account for their records before graduating. After graduating, you will be able to access documents in several ways:

  • Contact Student Central for official documentation stored on your ISIS account if you have not already retained copies. There may be a charge associated with this service.
  • View your academic documents online through ANU Certified Documents
  • Purchase additional copies of your Academic Transcript and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement

ANU Alumni

Wherever you go, ANU is part of who you are. Stay connected with ANU through the ANU Alumni Program.

ANU has a global alumni community of more than 95,000 great minds in over 100 countries. Make sure your details are up-to-date to receive news about events, programs and opportunities in Australia and internationally. 

Access to ANU services

Access to most services, including email and ISIS, will cease on the last day of the month following your Conferring of Awards ceremony. The exception to this rule is if you graduate in December, in which case your services will continue until 31 March the following year.

You are entitled to use the University's library facilities and following the payment of an annual fee you may borrow from the physical collection.

Careers Assistance

As you move towards graduation, it is important to consider the next move. Will you be applying for graduate job positions, moving to the next level of study, or considering a career that will take you to exciting new places? ANU alumni can access the Careers Consultants at Student Experience and Career Development for up to one year after graduation. If you have just graduated or are about to, the University's Careers Consultants can maximise your potential for employment. Start your journey now!

ANU Sport

ANU alumni are eligible for membership with the ANU Sport & Recreation Association (ANU Sport).

ANU Union

Students who have elected to become an ANU Union member may retain ANU Union membership after graduating. The ANU Union also offers a range of services, which are accessible to the public.