Proctorio FAQs

Why is the University using Proctorio for remote invigilated exams?

The University is committed to mitigating any impact the measures put in place to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus have on students' studying and course progression. In most courses, conveners have been able to make arrangements for alternative forms of assessment.  However, in a small proportion of courses, invigilated exams are a core assessment requirement. Therefore, we have purchased an Australian license for Proctorio as one of the tools available to our course conveners to be able to conduct remote, invigilated exams safely and securely. 

Is Proctorio safe and secure? Is my privacy protected?

ANU has conducted IT security assessments and a privacy impact assessment. We have implemented a range of measures to protect students' privacy while using Proctorio, including limiting any access to exam recordings to essential teaching and invigilating staff only. 

The privacy protections offered by Proctorio are one of the key reasons we chose it over other options. The impact assessments we completed showed that Proctorio was the best option for safeguarding student privacy whilst upholding academic standards

There is additional information readily available concerning Proctorio and privacy, including a detailed Privacy Impact Assessment and information about how Proctorio meets the Australian privacy principles.

What do I need to use Proctorio?

You will need a computer under about 10 years old, with internet access (0.244Mbps), Chrome browser and a webcam (see detailed requirements here). Practice exams are provided [insert link to PPE site ] to ensure your hardware, software, and internet connection are adequate for the task. It is important to remember Proctorio has no access to other files on your computer. If you're using a shared computer, or a computer belonging to your employer, you may wish to create a separate user account to take your exam.

What if I don't own the equipment needed to use Proctorio?

If you do not own a computer, webcam or other equipment needed to use Proctorio, there are a number of options available to you:

I usually have special requirements for exams, for example, relating to my accessibility needs. Do I still need to use Proctorio?

Anyone who needs special consideration or special arrangements for exams will have them. There have been no changes to the support services we provide at ANU, and Access and Inclusion continues to administer special considerations for exams, as well as being prepared to provide for students who do not have a safe or adequately private space in which to sit their exam.

Your course convener takes decisions about assessments appropriate to the course and if they should decide to use Proctorio for a timed remote assessment, then they will also support you with appropriate special examinations adjustments required, with assistance for you and your convener provided by Access and Inclusion.

If for any reason you are unable to use Proctorio for a remote assessment, then the following may also be considered: 

Additionally, many of the usual special consideration arrangements, such as extended time or different sitting lengths, will still be available through arrangements with your convener. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact ANU Access and Inclusion and we're pleased to advise or assist.  

Do I have to use Proctorio for my invigilated exam? 

Course convenors will determine if your course requires the use of Proctorio for assessment purposes. If the decision to use Proctorio is not compatible with your current situation there are options you may wish to explore:

  • You can apply for a deferred exam and sit it later in the year per normal procedures (see below)
  • A limited number of Computers will be available in the Chifley Library. Bookings can be made now at: to try the Proctorio Practice exam, Unfortunately, this option cannot be offered off campus.
  • For students currently not in Canberra and residing in a regional or metropolitan centre, we are investigating options for accessing alternative computers and spaces in accordance with health guidelines

You may discuss alternative forms of assessment that may be available with your convener. Further details regarding eligibility, including how to apply for an on special assessment consideration, are available at Wattle's Proctorio Practice Exam site hosted by Academic Skills and Learning Centre.

How do I apply for a deferred exam?

The normal procedures for applying to defer an exam are in place. The COVID-19 pandemic will be considered 'extenuating circumstances' for the purposes of applications for deferred exams in Semester 1 2020. 

For those due to graduate in July, deferred exams will delay the conferral of your degree.

For those doing pre-requisite subjects and looking to defer their exam, please speak with your course convenor.

We recommend you speak to your course convenor prior to making the decision to defer your examination.

Deferred exams are currently expected to run through O-week and week 1 of Semester 2 (yet to be confirmed). Please be careful not to create an unrealistic study load for yourself through this period.

When will I know if my course requires me to use Proctorio?

As always, course convenors make the decision on the best assessment option for individual courses. We will ask all course convenors who are considering using Proctorio for assessments to attend training. We will be asking all course convenors to inform students of the assessment requirements as soon as possible and to make practice exams available, especially if they will be using Proctorio.

What testing has ANU done for Proctorio?

Practice exams using Proctorio were conducted in early May and the feedback is currently being analysed for incorporation into more discipline-based practice exams. In this development phase, we are supporting conveners to consider a range of assessment approaches for students with a variety of living arrangements and accessibility needs.

Why can't ANU pause invigilated exams during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We are committed to mitigating the impact of the pandemic on our students' study and course progression. It has not been a simple process to shift to remote teaching and learning, and we acknowledge it hasn't been perfect. However, we will continue to explore improvements that don't sacrifice our academic standards.

I am concerned my internet is not good enough to run Proctorio whilst completing an exam?

Proctorio has a very low bandwidth requirement: 0.092 - 0.244 Mbps. This is well below ADSL1 speeds, and should not impact significantly on your internet.  ANU testing has so far found no instances of inadequate bandwidth.  Longer outages may require you to "re-enter" an exam, for which there is a process, including the usual special consideration arrangements for an interrupted exam.

Will there be a definitive statement on what information Proctorio will and will not be collecting?

Yes. Once this is finalised, it will be uploaded to the ANU Proctorio Practice Exam website.

How long will our Proctorio data be held on file?

We will delete all Proctorio data once exams are finished and course results are finalised.

How will ID verification for examinations work?

Proctorio captures a photograph of your ANU student card and of your face. These are then presented for your lecturer or invigilator (e.g. ANU Exams office staff) to check the ID of the test-taker after the exam. Proctorio does not use any form of biometric analysis, so does not attempt facial recognition. It does do a little image processing to determine that it has a good capture of a photo ID and of your face. If these parameters are not satisfied, the ID check is flagged for extra attention after the exam. If you do not have an ANU student card, you are welcome to use your driver licence or passport, optionally with additional private details (e.g. address, birthdate) covered so they are not captured.

Will the University automatically fail students who are flagged as having suspicious behaviour?

No. The recording will be used by the examination invigilators to review students taking their exam.  Recordings flagged with a high suspicion rating will be more carefully reviewed, with students invited to explain any particularly unusual behaviour, noting that the recordings are also a good source of evidence to defend a student who needs to explain unexpected circumstances occurring during an exam (e.g. a fire alarm).  All recordings will be deleted after exam results are finalised.

Consistent with Academic Misconduct Rules (2015), any student found to be cheating will be subject to the prescribed disciplinary action.

What about the University's history of cyber security breaches? Will students become vulnerable to cyber-attacks through using Proctorio?

The University has been working closely with various Australian Government security agencies over the last 18 months to harden our security systems. Our systems are very strong, and there is more investment to come.

Further to this point, installing Proctorio onto your device does not expose you to cyber-attacks.

See the ANU Cyber Advisory and HECVAT assessments.