Translational Fellowship Scheme

The ANU Translational Fellowship Program aims to break down the barriers between universities, society and industry by providing enhanced opportunities for outstanding early and mid-career researchers to pursue diverse career pathways within the University alongside Government, Civil Society and Industry.

In particular, the Fellowship is designed to provide researchers with the right support structure and incentives to take their ideas outside the University to achieve greater societal impact, in alignment with the ANU Strategic Plan.

Dr Francis Bennet

Dr Francis Bennet's field of expertise is Adaptive Optics and he is an Instrumentation Scientist in the ANU Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics. Dr Bennet's research focus is on leading a unified effort to capture a key translation…

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Dr Joseph Coventry

Dr Coventry's field of expertise focuses on concentrating solar systems, both concentrating photovoltaics (CPV) and concentrating solar thermal (CST). He is a researcher and engineer experienced in development and commercialisation of concentrating…

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Associate Professor Céline D'Orgeville

Céline d'Orgeville's main area of expertise is Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics, which involves ground-based telescopes used for astronomy, satellite imaging and laser tracking of space debris. Céline d'Orgeville joined the ANU Research School of…

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Dr Maya Haviland

Dr. Maya Haviland's primary area of study focuses on co-creativity and the dynamics of collaboration in the cultural sector; creative practices in collaborative anthropology; and, the role of community arts in cultural and historical research and…

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Dr Riccardo Natoli

Dr Riccardo Natoli's primary research interest is in the study of factors causing blindness, predominantly photoreceptor degeneration, and in devising therapies for protecting against vision loss. He is an Early Career Research teaching Genetics at…

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Associate Professor Naomi Priest

Dr. Naomi Priest's research focuses mainly on integrating social and epidemiologic methods to examine and address inequalities in health and development across populations and place and throughout the life-course.  She recently received a…

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Associate Professor Kee Siong Ng

Dr Kee Siong Ng's primary field of study is Data Science, which he says is "really about designing Data-Driven Artificial Intelligence algorithms on Distributed Parallel Databases to solve business problems in Dynamic and Uncertain Environments in…

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