Associate Professor Kee Siong Ng

Dr Kee Siong Ng's primary field of study is Data Science, which he says is "really about designing Data-Driven Artificial Intelligence algorithms on Distributed Parallel Databases to solve business problems in Dynamic and Uncertain Environments in their full glorious complexity". 

Dr Siong Ng has a joint appointment at ANU and AUSTRAC, and is currently co-leading the Fintel Alliance's Alerting Project, which is taking a global leadership role in exploring the use of confidential computing to expand the scope of privacy-preserving data sharing and machine learning across financial institutions and government agencies.

The Fellowship will allow further investment in the evolving strategic partnership between ANU, AUSTRAC and the major banks by building on top of this Fintel Alliance Alerting Project and provide seed funding to build a team at ANU focusing on Applied Machine Learning in the Intelligence and National Security domain.

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Associate Professor Kee Siong Ng
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