Associate Professor Naomi Priest

Dr. Naomi Priest's research focuses mainly on integrating social and epidemiologic methods to examine and address inequalities in health and development across populations and place and throughout the life-course. 

She recently received a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Career Development Fellowship, these prestigious and highly competitive four-year fellowships recognise and provide support for the most outstanding early to mid-career health and medical researchers in Australia.

Dr. Priest aims to drive innovative research generation and translation activities to significantly influence public policy, community action and business practice to address adversity, discrimination and their effects. This includes co-design and translation of end-user appropriate implementation evidence to inform action to address adversity and discrimination. This will include online interactive visualisations and analysis of data about patterns of adversity and discrimination, and evidence-based implementation materials to address adversity and discrimination, including a school-based program to address racial bullying. 

It is anticipated this Fellowship will enable research outputs to reach new audiences and markets for implementation of findings to achieve societal impact and to leverage funding for future work.

Profile Photo of Associate Professor Naomi Priest
Associate Professor Naomi Priest


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