Dr Joseph Coventry

Dr Coventry's field of expertise focuses on concentrating solar systems, both concentrating photovoltaics (CPV) and concentrating solar thermal (CST). He is a researcher and engineer experienced in development and commercialisation of concentrating solar technologies. He is a Research Fellow at ANU, with current projects in heliostat cost reduction, high-temperature receivers, molten salt energy storage, mirror inspection and optical coatings.

With support from the Translational Fellowship, Joseph's vision is to fast-track commercialisation of a novel tower- Stirling concentrating solar thermal (CST) technology being developed at ANU. This technology has unique features that address current market needs. ANU has partnered with Australian CST company Vast Solar in the development of core components of this technology.

Dr. Coventry aims to strengthen this relationship and bring multiple further partners across component technologies and as end-users. In addition to the tower-Stirling technology, spin-off opportunities exist for other ANU technologies, including lightweight mirror facets, robotic inspection, and absorber coatings.

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Dr Joseph Coventry


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