Associate Professor Céline D'Orgeville

Céline d'Orgeville's main area of expertise is Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics, which involves ground-based telescopes used for astronomy, satellite imaging and laser tracking of space debris.

Céline d'Orgeville joined the ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics in 2012 to lead Laser Guide Star (LGS) activities undertaken at the Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre (AITC) on Mount Stromlo near Canberra. Céline is the AAO-Stromlo Adaptive Optics (AO) Group Manager, and the AITC Education Programme Lead.

The ANU Translational Fellowship will enable Céline to deliver the first commercial-grade SGL unit before the end of the project in early 2022. On-sky LGS AO results obtained with the SGL in real operating conditions for space surveillance and astronomy applications on small and large telescopes will be published and advertised at international conferences.

This program will confirm the ANU AITC position as a world leader in LGS AO systems and technologies, strengthen its ties with existing research partners in astronomy and open new avenues for innovative research programs and multi-million-dollar commercial contracts with the space surveillance and laser communication communities for standard and secure communications.

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Associate Professor Céline D'Orgeville


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