Preparing to graduate

Graduands should read the following information in preparation for graduation. The Conferring of Awards Checklist is also a useful reminder of everything that needs to be done.

Paying your debts

You will not be permitted to graduate if you have any outstanding debts to the University. Make sure that all payments are finalised well in advance of graduation to avoid disappointment.

The final date to make payments for the First Semester ceremonies is 14 June 2019 , and for the Second Semester ceremonies is 15 November 2019.

Checking your personal details

The name on your testamur

Your name will appear on your testamur and in the Conferring of Awards Program exactly as it appears on the invitation. The testamur is a legal document and as such, can only display your legal name. Testamurs cannot include nicknames, shortened or diminutive forms of your name, or initials.

When responding to your invitation, you will be afforded the opportunity to confirm in ISIS the names (and their order) to appear on your testamur. In ISIS you will be able to remove a name, or change the order of your names, but will not be able to add a name.

If your name is incorrect on your invitation, you must submit to Student Central a Change of Name, Title or Date of Birth form, with:

  • an original legal document
  • provide a certified copy of a legal document showing the correct name.

Documents that are acceptable as proof of name change are: passport, birth certificate, deed poll, naturalisation certificate or change of name registration with the Australian Government agency, Births, Deaths and Marriages.

You will have until 14 June 2019 for the First Semester ceremonies and 15 November 2019 for the Second Semester ceremonies to update your name with the University, in order for it to appear correctly on your academic documents.

Seating arrangements

Seats will be allocated by the University.

If you, or any of your guests, have a disability or other requirement for special seating, please use the contact details on this page as soon as possible and prior to the deadline to respond to your invitation.

We can not accomodate special requests on the day as all seating is pre-allocated.

Proof of completion

If you require proof that you have completed your award prior to graduation, you can request a letter of completion from your ANU College student office. Please note that your ANU College may require documentation to support the requirement for this document.

You will receive academic documents during your ceremony, which will indicate your 'awarded' status. Subsequently, you will receive access to verified online academic documents through the ANU Certified Documents website.

If you require proof of completion prior to graduating, you can order an academic transcript which will show your 'approved' status, demonstrating you have completed the requirements of the award.

After the conferral of your award, the name of all ANU graduates and their award/s are published to the ANU website as a matter of public record. You may additionally verify your record using the Graduate Search function.

How much does graduation cost?

There is no charge to attend the ceremony for either the graduands or guests. However, there is a fee to hire/purchase academic dress, which is compulsory for all attendees of the graduation ceremony.

On graduation days, you may purchase photographs, frames, and memorabilia at your discretion.

There is parking in the vicinity of Llewellyn Hall on campus and in private carparks. Please note that casual pay parking is in place across ANU.

Other Services

Additional services, such as Photography, Framing, Flowers, Graduation Bears, Rings and ANU Memorabilia will be available on the day of your graduation.

You can pre-arrange some of these services by visiting the following websites.

Children at graduation

Children are welcome to attend the ceremony. Children, aside from infants, must have their own seat and guest invitation due to fire safety and capacity rules.