Application to graduate

The majority of students do not need to apply to graduate.

Most students will be automatically identified and assessed by the academic area responsible for your program.

You do not need to apply for graduation if:

  • you are enrolled or active in your program in the semester immediately preceding the Conferring of Awards ceremony
  • you have previously been identified and approved to graduate but did not respond to the graduation invitation sent to you previously
  • you have been approved to graduate and deferred the conferring of your award to the relevant ceremony.

You do need to apply for graduation by completing the Application for Conferring of an Award form if:

  • the last effective enrolment you had in the program that you wish to graduate from was a year or more ago
  • you are an ANU student enrolled elsewhere on a cross-institutional or exchange basis. Students in this category wishing to graduate must also arrange to have an official transcript of results from the host institution forwarded to their ANU College student office together with a request to have the status recorded by 1 June for the July Conferring of Awards ceremonies, or by 1 November for the December Conferring of Awards ceremonies
  • you are a student in a combined or double degree program who wishes to confer only one of the degrees in that program
  • you are a student who has applied to have credit transferred to your current program. 

Students who are being considered for graduation will see a graduation status notification in ISIS in April for the July Conferring of Awards ceremonies, and September for the December Conferring of Awards ceremonies. Your eligibility will be assessed by the ANU College that delivers your program.

If you believe your graduation status is incorrect, or you don't have a graduation status and you believe you should use the contact details on this page immediately.

Students who have previously deferred their graduation, and all PhD students, may not see a message in ISIS, but will receive an invitation.