Eligibility to graduate

Your ANU College administration will assess your graduation eligibility based on the following conditions:

  • You have satisfied the academic requirements of your award/s or will satisfy the academic requirements when results are released in the current session 
  • All financial obligations to ANU (fees, fines etc.) have been met.

Your ANU College administration will assess your eligibility to graduate based on your academic record including current enrolment as at census date for the graduation semester. If you intend to drop a course after census date, you should contact your ANU College beforehand to check if it will affect your eligibility to graduate.

If your final course is in a non-standard session, results may not be available in time for the upcoming Conferring of Awards Ceremonies.  An autumn session course may not receive results by the deadline to graduate in July and a spring session course may not receive results by the deadline to graduate in December.

Graduation status

Once your eligibility is assessed, your graduation status will be updated.

If you have been identified as a potential graduand, when you log in to ISIS a message will appear on your message board. If you do not see this message and believe you are eligible to graduate, you will need to get in contact with the Graduation Office.

Your graduation status will be available in ISIS when you receive your invitation in May for the July ceremonies, and October for the December ceremonies. If you disagree with your graduation status, you need to contact your ANU College student office immediately.

If you are assessed as 'approved' or 'conditionally approved' the University will send you an invitation.

Your graduation status will be one of the following.


You have met all of the requirements for your award/s.

Conditionally approved

Your eligibility to graduate depends on the completion of courses in the current semester. Once the semester results are released the status will change to either 'approved' or 'not eligible'.

If you are assessed as 'conditionally approved' and the conditions are not met (such as failing a course, supplementary or deferred assessment or a delay in receiving results) or you have outstanding debts to the University then your graduation status will change to 'not eligible'.


Not eligible

You will not meet eligibility requirements by the end of the current session.

If you are 'not eligible' to graduate due to late or unresolved grades you will not be eligible to graduate in the current session. Please note that if you are appealing a result, which may affect the overall level of your award, you will not be permitted to graduate unless the appeal can be resolved at least five days before the first Conferring of Awards ceremony. The Conferring of Awards Program is finalised shortly after results are released. Changes to your eligibility status, level of award or personal details after the publication of results will not be reflected in the program.