Grade Point Average (GPA)

Students receive a GPA for their academic career.  Your GPA will be published on your academic transcript.

Students who are enrolled in more than one program - or who change programs - will receive one GPA based on all units completed in their academic career.  Students will only receive more than one GPA where they have completed units in more than one academic career, for example, if a student completed an undergraduate program and postgraduate coursework program.

There are some exceptions to the methodology for calculating your GPA.

  • Students enrolled in a research program will not receive a GPA;
  • Courses that are graded on a pass/fail basis are not included in calculating the GPA;
  • Courses with a KU grade will be included in the formula when the grade is a part of a series of courses, once the final course is awarded a final grade;
  • Courses with an IP grade will be included in the formula when the IP grade is a part of a series of courses, once the final course is awarded a final grade.

GPA is not calculated for the following programs: Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Doctor of Medicine and Surgery (MChD), Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.

ANU limits the academic ranking of students within a course, academic program or academic career to the use of the Grading Scale and/or the Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation and/or the Prizes framework

What is a GPA?

A GPA is an internationally recognised method of assigning a numerical index on a scale; it provides a summary of academic performance. 

At ANU, the GPA is calculated on a 7 point scale.

Calculating your GPA

Before calculating your GPA, course results must be converted into a numeric value.

GradeDescriptionGrade Point  Value
HDHigh distinction7
CRCredit pass5
PSPass at a supplementary exam4
NCNNot completed/Fail0
WNWithdrawn with failure0
H1*First Class Honours7
H2A*Second Class Honours Division A6
H2B*Second Class Honours Division B5
H3*Third Class Honours4

Courses with the following grades will not be included in the calculation of a GPA.

WDWithdrawn without failure
WLWithdrawn late without failure
CRSCourse requirement satisfied
CRNCourse requirement not satisfied - COVID-19 impacted
HLPHigher level pass
DADeferred assessment
PXOffered supplementary assessment
RPResult pending
WAWithheld for administrative reasons
WFWithheld for fees reasons
EEEnrolled elsewhere
STIStatus Internal (Internal Credit)
STEStatus External

Pre-1994 grades are not included in the calculation of a GPA.


GPA = ∑ (grade point value x units) / ∑ units


  1. multiply the 'units' load value by the 'grade point value' to determine the 'weighted grade point score' for a course
  2. sum the 'weighted grade point score' for each course within an academic career
  3. sum the total 'units' undertaken within an academic career
  4. divide the total of the 'weighted grade point score' by the total of the 'units' within an academic career
  5. calculate to three decimal points












Units Value  

x GP Value  

Weighted grade

point score    

BUSN000163CR566 x 5        =30
PSYC000172D666 x 6        =36
SCNC000154P466 x 4        =24
COMP000150PS466 x 4        =24
BUSN000238N01212 x 0      =0
PSYC000269CR51212 x 5      =60
SCNC000281HD71818 x 7      =126
COMP00020NCN066 x 0        =0
Total:   72 300

                                                           GPA = 300/72

                                                            GPA = 4.167

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