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28 Mar 2022

WearOptimo's tiny tech gets a big boost

ANU innovation company WearOptimo is developing microwearable medical devices that could save lives. Now, their tiny tech has been given a…

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10 Mar 2022

Professor Hogg to take climate modelling to the next level

Professor Andy Hogg has been appointed as inaugural Director of the Australian Community Climate Earth System Simulator-National Research…

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14 Feb 2022

Could our food choices have a positive green impact?

Making good food choices is necessary both for ourselves and for the planet, says plant scientist Professor Justin Borevitz. "The first thing…

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11 Feb 2022

Plant scientist Professor Ute Roessner to join ANU

Professor Ute Roessner AM will join the new Research Initiatives and Infrastructure (RII) team in the R&I portfolio as Academic Director on March…

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15 Jan 2022

Where students share their bright business ideas

A bioplastic made from coffee grounds and an app providing peer-to-peer tutor matching were the business ideas that topped the latest round of the…

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25 Nov 2021

Farmers add space tech to their toolboxes

Australian primary producers may soon look to the skies with more than just an eye on the weather thanks to Australian National University (ANU)…

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18 Nov 2021

Seeking Muslim communities’ guidance to help at-risk youth

Australian-first ethnographic research into hard-to-reach Muslim communities is paving the way for programs that will help address anti-social and…

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05 Nov 2021

Ecosystem approach to food insecurity a first for Australia

Victorian social enterprises that are working together to redress food insecurity, hunger and nutrition issues in a culturally appropriate way in the…

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03 Nov 2021

Culture grows social cohesion beyond economic incentives

Social enterprises looking to build social cohesion in communities may find economic logic a useful starting point in program design, but for long-…

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01 Nov 2021

Professor Emily Banks to chair new impact committee

Professor Emily Banks been appointed inaugural Chair of NHMRC's Health Research Impact Committee. With 30-plus years of expertise in public health…

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27 Oct 2021

Democratic values in AI: ANU-led research seeks answers

Finding ways to safeguard human rights and democratic values when artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled products and systems increasingly operate…

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27 Oct 2021

Plant-based vaccines for COVID-19 closer with ANU help

An Australian plant may hold the key to rapidly producing vaccines for Ebola, COVID-19, influenza and other viruses as Australian National University…

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