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12 Aug 2022

Peter's historic House goes back to its roots

Professor Peter Kanowski couldn't be more pleased that repairs and renovations of University House are afoot.  Master of University…

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14 Jul 2022

How the redefined ANU PhD focuses on community and support

Getting a PhD is never easy, but Dean of Higher Degree Research (HDR), Professor Ann Evans wants to make it the best experience it can possibly be.…

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12 Jul 2022

ANU physicist making waves in space joins top global society

A theoretical physicist from The Australian National University (ANU) whose pioneering work has fundamentally altered our understanding of the…

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11 Jul 2022

ANU staff win Outstanding Engagement Award

Staff from The Australian National University (ANU) Karen Jackson, Lorena (Lori) Sciusco and Sejul Malde have won the Outstanding…

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24 Jun 2022

Weather and climate modelling powers up at ANU

Future weather and climate predictions have been given a major boost with the launch of a new national research facility worth $7.6 million. Based at…

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15 Jun 2022

How Dr Claire Carouge connects climate science to software

Dr Claire Carouge is fascinated by climate science, but it's not the science itself that keeps her up at night. Her passion is for engineering,…

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07 Jun 2022

Co-Lab celebrates its Honours Grant recipients

One of the keystone partnerships at ANU, the Co-Lab, has welcomed and celebrated its inaugural cohort of 2022 Co-Lab Honours Grant recipients. Twenty…

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26 May 2022

Galactic gains and mighty grains earn ANU stars top accolade

A leading astrophysicist uncovering the deep inner secrets of the Milky Way and a renowned plant scientist tackling one of …

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13 May 2022

Professor Sara Bice is on to the social stuff, smarter

Professor Sara Bice genuinely cares about people, but not just in the "soft and fuzzy" sense.  There are few areas of life that affect…

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09 May 2022

Tech spin-out to power next-gen autonomous navigation

An ANU spin-out company whose technology will help future moon landings and could one day lead to flying cars has been bought out by one of Australia…

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29 Apr 2022

New demographic model helps identify superdiversity

Australia is a step closer to identifying super-diverse local communities, with ANU scholars having developed a cross-cutting demographic model that…

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12 Apr 2022

Wins for InSpace will help with the missions that matter

Professor Anna Moore always knew her future would be among the stars. "I started learning about the night sky from the age of four or five, and I don…

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