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12 Sep 2023

Professor Valeska Ting's discovery and learning passion

Renewable energy researcher Professor Valeska Ting is all about enthusiasm for discovery and a love of learning.  Dividing her time between her…

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06 Sep 2023

New ARC Training Centre in Radiation Innovation

Nuclear and radiation science, policy and regulation are fundamental components crucial to Australia's future, encompassing natural resources, health…

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30 Aug 2023

ARC Linkage Projects with Professor Bruce Smyth

ARC Linkage Projects support Australian researchers to work towards practical solutions in industry settings. Professor…

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25 Aug 2023

ARC funding for ANU early career researchers

Research on how plants might handle climate change and how our galaxy was formed are among projects led by early career researchers at The Australian…

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16 Aug 2023

PrOSPeCT launch means a step forward in genomics research

PrOSPeCT (Precision Oncology Screening Platform Enabling Clinical Trials), is Australia's largest cancer genomics initiative, officially launched on…

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14 Aug 2023

Assoc. Prof. Mathias Sinning's passion in his new role

Having taken on the role of ADR within the College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP) less than a month ago, Associate Professor Mathias Sinning is…

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10 Aug 2023

New ARC Training Centre in Plant Biosecurity

Biosecurity is a critical part of Australia's efforts to prevent, respond to and recover from pests and diseases that threaten the economy and…

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13 Jul 2023

Professor Ackland looks to the future of network science

With access to limitless information, instant communication and interconnected global communities at our fingertips, the internet can feel like a…

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12 Jul 2023

Top 10 tips from experts on launching big ideas

Turning innovation into a business takes more than a great idea. The path from research to commercialisation can be a combination of challenges,…

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30 Jun 2023

Oral history research explores women's Pill perspectives

New research being undertaken at The Australian National University (ANU) aims to shift the historical narrative surrounding contraceptive science by…

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15 Jun 2023

More than mice: what it's really like to be a university vet

From catching quolls and bettongs at Mulligan's Flat at 3am to taste aversion therapy for foxes, the team is on-call 24/7 and their work extends way…

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15 Jun 2023

Canberra Clinical Genomics is unravelling genetic mysteries

Finding answers to complex genetic health conditions has huge implications for those affected. It's something that strongly motivates Dr Edda Koina,…

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